Kred Honors Top 50 Bloggers in CEO Community

Continuing our series of recognizing top bloggers in each community, we’re moving on to the CEOs. This group of distinguished individuals includes leaders at various sizes and types of businesses, all passionate about guiding other entrepreneurs to great success. The list of Top 50 CEO Bloggers includes everyone from moms giving advice on how to split time between business and parenting to Fortune 500 CEOs such as Virgin’s Richard Branson. And they don’t only tweet and blog about business strategies- LeWeb’s Loic Le Meur is an esteemed kite surfer.

View the Top 50 list below, and as always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section:

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Kred Honors Top Bloggers In Their Communities; See Our Top 50 Social Media Community Bloggers

Here at Kred, we love blogs and are always looking for the most influential ones.  This is why we are sifting through our extensive Datamine to find the top bloggers in each community.

To kick off this project, we sorted through the Social Media community to find the most influential people frequently blogging about their expertise.  The list includes everyone from owners of social media companies who blog on the side to people using social media on behalf of educational and charitable campaigns.  They all have Global Kred over 600 and are very generous with their Social Media advice. Look for the Top Social Media Blogger badge on your favorite blogs.

We’ve also showcased them on this Top Social Media Blogger Leaderboard.  The board updates in real-time so check back often to see how it changes.  And if you’re interested in Social Media, make sure to follow each of them all to stay ahead of the latest trends and thought leadership.

Is there someone you follow for the latest social media trends that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section.

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Arktan SocialStreams Integrates Kred to Sort Chatter About TV, Music and Events; Highlights Influential Fans and Celebrities

Kred is now venturing into the entertainment industry. Social curation platform Arktan is integrating the Kred influence measure into its SocialStreams product, which companies like Universal Music Group and USA Network use to stream live social conversations from Twitter and Facebook to brand and artist websites.

This marks the first time a social curation platform has utilized a social influence measure to rank content according to the influence of the poster.  Social media managers will now be able to sort these social streams so the most influential people are highlighted whenthen engage  in conversations about a TV show, concert, conference or other event. If someone with high Kred influence is tweeting about their favorite contestant (or an act they can’t stand) on The X Factor, SocialStream users will instantly see what they had to say. Influential Lady Gaga fans who tweet often about her music as a result will be more prominent on her website.

SocialStreams powers many Social TV second-screen experiences for popular TV shows, including The X Factor USA and Dancing With the Stars.  Brands like The Washington Post and WWE also rely on SocialStreams to create the best Social Music, Social News, and Social Sports experiences on their sites.

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Kred for CRM™ Brings Social Influence to Customer Relationship Management

Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) lets users leverage social media for insights and enhance their customer relationship strategy. Now Kred is at the forefront of Social CRM with the announcement of Kred for CRM™, debuting today as an app available on the AppExchange.

Kred for CRM enables Salesforce users to identify the most trusted and generous people on social networks talking about their brand and who are also the most likely to spread the word about their products or services. Users can also identify influential contacts who have relationships with key prospects. These contacts can be imported directly into

Another benefit is the ability to prioritize response based on brand loyalty, ensuring strong relationships with a brand’s most avid supporters. With Kred for CRM, fans and followers are turned into customers and advocates.

Kred for CRM is a result of Kred’s partnership with Cadalys, a leading Implementation Consulting Partner. This is an invaluable collaboration for everyone. Salesforce users will now have the ability to prioritize their workload and identify important leads, while Kred has the chance to work with the leading CRM platform and make influence measurement an essential tool for sales, marketing and customers service.


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Kiro7 and Social7 anchor Jenni Hogan announced as Kred Leader

I am super excited to announce that Jenni Hogan (@jennihogan) has agreed to become a Kred Leader.

Not only is Jenni a passionate South Australian and like myself hails from Adelaide, she is also a shining light in the Seattle social media and TV community.

In her professional life, Jenni is a tech-savvy, Emmy award winning TV host and producer.  Her online family lovingly refers to her as the “Queen of Social Media” that keeps them in the know while they’re on the go.

This Australian native hosts “Social7 with Jenni Hogan” a live interactive one-hour lifestyle/social media show on KIRO 7, the CBS affiliate in Seattle. Jenni also wakes viewers up with a smile every weekday from 4:30am to 8am as the traffic anchor on the morning show.

Jenni is passionate about making TV a two-way experience for the viewer and has been recognized as the most followed local TV journalist on Twitter and Facebook in America. With almost 200,000 followers online Forbes calls her the “Socially Savvy TV Journalist” and she is listed as one of the top 23 female geeks in the world, by the Huffington Post.

This busy working mother uses her online platform to empower her followers to better themselves or help others. She moved to America from Australia to accept an athletic scholarship at the University of Washington and graduated with a double degree in Economics and Communications.  Jenni is a dual-NCAA National Rowing Champion and captained her crew team to the back to back titles her senior year. This former elite athlete loves encouraging and inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

In June 2012 Jenni won an Emmy in the category of “Interactivity” as Host/Producer of a 3 hour interactive livestream event called “The KIRO 7 Mobile Tweetup with Jenni Hogan”. She helped create the concept which mixes traditional TV with the online voice to benefit local causes. These mobile tweetups have raised more than 75,000 items for babies, thousands of dollars for cancer research, and 6 truckloads of toys for kids benefiting Toys For Tots. Jenni was voted a finalist in the Shorty Awards (the Oscars of Twitter) in 2011 by her online community. She harnessed the momentum of her giving online friends to produce a social media campaign on Twitter that raised $80k worth of maternity bras for mothers in need in Washington State.

Jenni lives in Seattle with her husband Josh and their daughter Siena.

Jenni is also the host of  Social 7 – on Kiro7 this Thurday night, July 19th  at 7pm.  Kred is a proud supporter of #social7 and we have been proving a live leaderboard at for each of the shows to date.

Kred is the only influence platform able to produce a real-time influencer leaderboard, and we are proud to be supporting Jenni and the Social7 show.

Social7 with Jenni Hogan is a live one hour interactive TV show that covers the 7 most relevant, hip, current topics that mix the viewers lifestyle with social media. It airs July 19th at 7pm PST on KIRO 7 the CBS Affiliate in Seattle. You can watch online at the show will be livestreamed live. Viewers are encoraged to participate by tweeting @TheSocial7 and using hashtag #Social7.

Welcome aboard Jenni – it is great to have someone so passionate about social media join the Kred family.

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CEO Andrew Grill Talks Influence & How It Can Identify Prospective Employees

Kred CEO Andrew Grill recently spoke with the team at Identified, the recruitment tool and professional search engine, about using influence to enrich the job search process. Andrew gave insights into how a candidate’s influence and social media presence translates into the real world, and how Kred may be used to source and identify additional candidates.

You can read the full interview on Identified’s blog, or check out the excerpt below:

J: If I’m a candidate, and I want to get a job in a certain field, how can I use this Kred to my advantage?

A: One of the things we want to help people do with Kred is connect with like-minded people, and often these connections are professional. You can visit to find influential people in the communities where you are looking for a job, then follow and interact with them. A high Outreach score indicates that a person has a history of interacting with others in their community, so you can think of it as an indicator that someone is open to chatting and likely to respond.

J: How can recruiters use this tool to find job candidates? Can it be used for sourcing candidates, screening applicants, etc?

A: We would never recommend that an employee be selected based on a single metric.  Even so there is certainly a lot of public information that will be interesting to recruiters at  Kred is completely transparent, so anyone can see exactly what composes a candidate’s influence score and if their influence is rooted in something that is relevant to the position. If a recruiter knows a candidate’s Twitter handle, they can view their Kredentials and their recent interactions. Kredentials includes their influence and outreach scores, commonly used words and hashtags, and communities where they are most influential.

Recruiters can also identify and contact the top influencers in the communities they are targeting, a good method for meeting people and finding passive candidates.

J: For which types of positions would this tool work best? Would you be limited just to searching through communities, such as Marketing, Finance, and Architects?

A: It can work with any position. If someone is influential about something online, it’s likely they have real world wisdom as well or others would not be following and interacting with them.  Recruiters may also wish to consider using our Playground social analytics platform so they can search by relevant keywords like “Software engineer,” and then sort by Kred.


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Kred Weekly Digest: July 13

We are starting a new feature on the Kred blog. Each week we will compile the top news from the social media community and present it to you in a quick and easy dosage.  Check back weekly to be connected to the news from the social media world even if you haven’t checked your Twitter stream all week!

This week’s top stories:

Oracle Acquires Social Marketer Involver As Enterprise Giants Buy Rather Than Build For Tomorrow
TechCrunch (via @JoshConstine)
In the latest episode of social media marketing startups being snatched up by large corporations, Oracle announced that they will be acquiring Involver.

Twitter Rolls Out Revised Search Functions
Wall Street Journal (via @ShiraOvide)
The newest changes to the Twitter search function are highlighted, including the ability to search only within Twitter accounts that a user follows.

Twitter Upgrades iPhone, Android Apps- Now Includes Video
Mashable (via @FutureBoy)
Mobile Twitter is more like the website than ever before, and this article outlines all the changes.

Exclusive Joint Interview: Facebook’s Sandberg and Yahoo’s Levinsohn Talk About Patent Peace
AllThingsD (via @KaraSwisher)
Facebook and Yahoo execs talk about their settled patent lawsuit and plans to expand their longtime partnership.


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Kred’s Lee Bogner To Speak On Attracting and Engaging Followers at FMC’s Social Media Boot Camp

Lee Bogner, VP Business Development and Kred’s newest team member, will speak at Fair Media Council’s Social Media Boot Camp on July 13 in Long Island, NY.  Lee will be speaking at 10am EST/ 1pm PST on a panel about building and engaging followers called “How to Build Followers… and Get Them to Do What You Want.”

To follow along and pick up valuable advice from Lee, tweet with the hashtag #FMCsummerSM.  There will be a live leaderboard tracking Twitter interactions from the conference, so make sure you join the conversation to get to the top!

Fair Media Council has represented NYC metro-area Media and Communications organizations for over 20 years.  Social Media Boot Camp features six interactive workshops aimed at helping everyone from first time Tweeters to top social media influencers learn the best from leaders in the industry.  It will also be a great networking opportunity.

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Social Media Executive Geoff Farris Appointed Kred Advisor

The Kred team is growing! We are happy to announce that social media executive Geoff Farris (@GFarris) is joining us as an advisor. Mr. Farris was Executive Vice President, Sales and Strategic Agency Relations for Visible Technologies, a leading provider of Social Intelligence solutions, where he worked with clients including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Xerox, Motorola, OfficeMax, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Autodesk, American Express, GSK and Johnson & Johnson.  Previously, Farris held senior executive positions with Enterpulse, groundswell and e-media. Check out what key execs have to say about this exciting addition:

“I’m pleased to join Kred at a time when it has emerged as the influence measure of choice for brands looking to make social media engagement a core component of their marketing mix,” said Geoff Farris. “Kred’s ability to identify and activate top influencers by communities connected by interests and things in common will be a cornerstone for uniquely effective social media influence marketing campaigns.”

“Having Geoff on the Kred team strengthens our proven ability to deliver amazing influencer marketing campaigns to our partners,” said Porter Gale, Kred Advisor and former VP Marketing, Virgin America. “Geoff’s deep expertise working with Fortune 1000 brands will bring exceptional service and thought leadership to all of our client engagements.”

“Having worked directly with Geoff at Visible, I know firsthand that he has world-class experience in developing and delivering social media campaigns that generate tangible results for top consumer brands,” said Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred.  “We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team to help us deliver excellence in social media marketing to brands and agencies at at time when Kred is really resonating in the market.”

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Kred Leader Lee Bogner joins Kred full time as VP Business Development & Social Strategy in NY

I’m delighted to announce that Lee Bogner, Kred Leader in the Advertising community has agreed to join the Kred team as VP Business Development & Social Strategy in our New York office.

Lee was one of the 25 Kred Leaders that took part in our two day summit held in San Francisco in late May.


At the summit, Lee not only had an opportunity to meet the rest of the Kred team, but also see fist-hand what we are cooking up next for Kred.

Clearly he was happy with what he saw and we then discussed how he might help us with our East Coast efforts.

Given Lee’s strong background in the advertising and marketing space - Lee is formerly CIO at, Real Savvy Media, markdenkane agency, and VP at InterWorldeCommerce, he will be hitting the ground running in New York, promoting Kred to agencies and brands in this key market.

On joining Kred full time, Lee said

“I’m impressed with the Kred vision, leadership and team.  Kred and Kred Rewards are timely and relevant to brands, agencies, the B2B and B2C enterprise! I’m thrilled be joining this team!”.

Kred is building a real head of steam in both the US, UK and Australia, and has become a credible alternative to other influence platforms in the market.

I am confident that under Lee’s watch, Kred will go from strength to strength in New York.

Welcome aboard Lee! You can follow him @LeeBogner.

Andrew Grill
CEO, Kred

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