Forbes Ranks World’s Billionaires; Who Has The Most Kred?

Forbes publishes an annual roundup of the world’s billionaires, a group that clearly carries a lot of influence from their wallets and important positions at large corporations. But what about their social media influence? Do they inspire action on social networks? To find out, we created our own list of the world’s billionaires sorted by Kred score.

Microsoft Co-Founder and Chairman Bill Gates leads all billionaires in social media influence with Kred of 990/4. He is joined by Eike Batista (981/7), the chairman of Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group, who is also the top billionaire outreacher. Other leaders include News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch (963/3) and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (896/1).

We’ve also given the members of this elite group Kred Moments (offline Kred) for their prestigious real-life achievements. Visit Kred’s World’s Billionaires leaderboard to view the full list, which updates in real time.



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Mohawks and Aliens Vie With Olympic Coverage on Twitter

While Olympic coverage may be dominating the media this week, the Curiosity Landing went above and beyond by tweeting from somewhere even Usain Bolt can’t get to: outer space. Even if the tweets wasn’t technically from Mars, the official @MarsCuriosity Twitter handle has created enough excitement to have its Kred rocket to 980/6 and be followed by over 700,000 people. Its first tweet from the surface of Mars was retweeted over 50k times as of August 7:

Overall, there were 1.25 million tweets about Mars Curiosity on its first day on Mars. One of the most popular topics wasn’t even about the landing itself. Bobak Ferdowsi (@TweetsOutLoud), the Flight Director on the Mars Curiosity mission, launched into the public spotlight with his red, blue and yellow-starred mohawk.  Bobak’s Kred Influence rocketed from 738 to 776 overnight as the mission launched him from a handful of follwers to 26k people following his Curiosity chronicles.   (We’re also told his mohawk style changes with every mission).

Ferdowsi isn’t the only celebrity tweeting about Curiosity.  Other people with serious Kred like Khloe Kardashian (Kred 999/8), Richard Branson (986/6) and Kreayshawn (995/9) were just a few of the celebrities tweeting about the landing, Mars and even aliens:

Did you pay more attention to the Mars Curiousity mission because of all the activity on Twitter?

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Kred Recognizes Top Bloggers In News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities

To continue our Top Blogger series, we are announcing the Top 50 most influential bloggers in the News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities. The lists feature established tech blogs such as Engadget, popular news reporters such Nick Kristoff and personal fitness blogs like Carrots and Cake.  Each leaderboard is updated in real-time, so check back often to see which of your favorite bloggers are rising in the ranks. You can also directly follow bloggers from the leaderboard on Twitter, so chose your favorite communities and start adding some more great content to your Twitter stream.

Kred Communities are defined by interests you express through your Twitter Bio, the hashtags and keywords in your posts over the last 1,000 days, the people you follow and people following you. If you want to keep track of the other Top Blogger lists we have compiled so far, here they are: Social Media Bloggers, Mom Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Sports Bloggers, Shopping Bloggers, Music Bloggers, Film Bloggers, Photo Bloggers and CEO Bloggers.


What top blogger communities would you like us to highlight next? Let us know in the comments section.

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Who Are The Most Influential US Olympians?

The Olympic games are well under way and athletes are competing for more than just medals. Many Twitter savvy contenders are using their podium presence to propel them to the top of Kred’s influencer board.

We created a visual about how the most influential US Olympians measure up with their fellow athletes. It’s already been picked up by popular blogs such as Mashable and VatorNews. And to compete alongside your favorite Olympic athletes on our real-time leaderboard, join the conversation by tweeting with the #London2012 or #Olympics hashtags.

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Social Influencers Get Kred at BlogHer 2012 in NYC

BlogHer12, the annual blogging conference for women, kicked off this week in Silicon Alley, New York City’s answer to Silicon Valley.  The opening event “Celebrating BlogHer12”, hosted by WIM Accelerator and Levo League, was jammed packed with bloggers, entrepreneurs, big brands, agencies and management consultants, media and publishers, financiers, retailers and interns.

At the forefront of the event was a Kred Leaderboard for BlogHer, displaying the social influence and outreach of participants using #BlogHer hashtags in real-time. It generated huge interest with tweeters and onlookers checking their Kred scores, sharing +Kred, and learning about our transparent algorithm. They also had a chance to talk about new Kred releases, such as Kred Rewards and Kred for CRM.

Kred held the social influence spotlight smack in the global center of media, advertising, finance and retail. There were tons of people ready for transparent, meaningful measurement of their influence, and looking to tie engagement to measurable marketing and sales goals.

Special Kred thanks to WIM Accelerator CEO Kelly Hoey and Levo League CEO Caroline Ghosn for inviting Kred to participate in this important event.

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Kred Lists Influential Bloggers In Film, Photography, Shopping & Music Communities

We now have four more Top Blogger lists for your to explore: Top Film Bloggers, Top Photography Bloggers, Top Shopping Bloggers and Top Music Bloggers. Visit each leaderboard to discover new blogs, follow your favorites, and watch the top influencers change rank in real-time.

To create these top blogger lists, we sorted through our deep Datamine to identify the most influential people in each community. Kred Communities are defined by examining keywords in a person’s Twitter bio, social conversations, and social connections. Each blogger has expertise in their respective fields, but adds a personal touch to make their daily Tweets and blog posts worth following.

View the lists below:


Do you have suggestions for upcoming Top Blogger lists? Let us know in the comments section.

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Top Influencers Rave About Kred for CRM™

Since we launched Kred for CRM™ last week, we have received an amazing response from top CRM influencers. We know this because we use Kred for CRM to find posts by influential people on social networks about the world’s first Social Media Influence application for Salesforce.

Kred for CRM enables users to identify the most trusted and generous people on social networks talking about their brands, products, markets and competitors. Organizations that want to infuse their CRM database with important intelligence about influential people on social networks will want to try Kred for CRM. It is available as an app right now on the AppExchange.

We created an infographic that shows what top influencers are saying about Kred for CRM on social networks.  All the information was compiled using our Kred for CRM technology:

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Millions Tweeting About Olympics; #LochteNation and #NBCFail Quickly Spreading

The 2012 London Olympics are in full swing and people are tweeting about it all over the world. During the live Opening Ceremony in London, there were over 143k tweets with the hashtags #Olympics, #London2012, #IOC and #OpeningCeremony. When the program aired in the USA hours later on tape delay, 82k tweets included the hashtags. In total for the first day of the Olympics, these hashtags were mentioned over 180,000 times.

Even though more tweets were sent during the live ceremony, the USA is the country doing the most tweeting about the Olympics overall. Since the start of the Olympics, tweeters that give a US location in their Twitter bio have used the hashtags #Olympics, #London2012 and #IOC over 497k times. The UK is in second with 403k mentions, and Australia and Canada tied for third with 65k. Want to see where you rank? We have a live leaderboard set up tracking Olympic tweeting, so you can see who the top influencers are in real-time.

Ryan Lochte beat teammate Michael Phelps outside of the pool also, being the most mentioned athlete on Twitter so far. There have been 190k tweets mentioning Lochte, with a huge spike occurring right after his gold medal on the first day of the games (and with the reveal of his American flag grill). He even started a trending hashtag, #LochteNation, with 28k mentions. Phelps is still in second with 82k mentions, and popular hoopster LeBron James is lagging behind with only 33k mentions.

Another trending hashtag is #NBCFail, with over 25k tweets since the Olympics began. Influencers like Mia Farrow, Peter Shankman and Tim O’Reilly have used the hashtag, which is rapidly gaining popularity as unhappiness about NBC’s US television coverage spreads. *These stats were last updated 7/31 on 9am PST

Who is your favorite Olympic Athlete to follow on Twitter?

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International Kred: Who Are The Top 50 Bloggers in the Travel and Sports Communities?

Sports stories are dominating news coverage internationally as the Summer Olympics take flight, so we looked into the PeopleBrowsr Datamine to find the Top 50 Bloggers in the Sports Community.  Even though each person on the list has a focus, like college football or the NBA, they all are the first the share the latest sports news and analysis. The list includes well-known sports reporters from channels like ESPN, bloggers for teams like the Yankees, and people with traditional jobs who just want to share their passion for sports.

Staying true to the international theme, we are also releasing a list of the Top 50 bloggers in the Travel Community. Stay on top of their blog posts and Twitter streams to follow their exciting world travels.

If you are wondering how we calculate our Top Blogger lists, we highlight the top people in each community rather than by their global scores. Membership in a Kred Community is defined by keywords in a person’s Twitter bio, their social interactions, who they follow and who follows them.


View the live leaderboards for Top Sports Bloggers and Top Travel Bloggers, and follow your favorites.

Which sports blogs do you follow for Olympics coverage?

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Kred Recognizes Top 50 Bloggers in Mom Community

Up next in our Top Blogger roundups is the Mom Community. Everyone on this list is influential not only in social media and the blogosphere, but in their own families as well. They are generous with their parenting advice and love interacting with other mothers in the community. Some write for large parenting sites like Baby Center and Babble, while others have small personal blogs. Many blog about other passions as well, such as technology and photography. If you frequent these blogs, you will also be sure to pick up some great recipes and money-saving tips. View leaderboard, which is updated in real-time, here.

As always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section.



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