Kred storms London with our next Influencer Summit – launches Kred for Brands

On Wednesday 27th March, Kred welcomed over 200 of London’s most influential to the impressive May Fair Hotel in the West End to our Influencer Summit.

We also had representatives from brands such as Dell, Visa and ITV in attendance.

Our first Influencer Summit held in New York in February was a resounding success, and London was even more popular judging by the tweets of those attending – a selection of the more than 1200 tweets about #KredLDN are shown below



After a drinks reception, guests were taken to the 200 seat cinema at the May Fair to hear Kred CEO Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill) unveil our new Kred for Brands product, where he provided attendees with a live demonstration – which met with overwhelming approval.



Andrew also outlined our new KredNet platform, as well as the work we are doing around Social CRM and also our Social Simulator tool.


The consensus from the audience and from the tweets that followed is that Kred is most definitely not a “me too” influencer platform – and is instead a company with a robust platform, vision and roadmap for where influence is heading.

We also welcomed Garry J. Nix (@Mr_McFly) who was the winner of a trip to London awarded at our New York Event, and we held an informative Q&A session with Gary talking about his experience with Kred and other platforms to find influencers.


The other comments about the event centered around Kred’s ability to literally bring key top influencers together.


You can see more pictures of the event below, as well as other coverage from attendees, such as Rachel Miller (@allthingsic), Neville Hobson (@jangles), Dan Naylor (@dan_naylor) and Thomas Kilroy (@mykitchensync), as well as this great summary from the folks at Eventifier.

Gary announced that the London Winner of the trip to our next US Influencer Summit is Karen Fewell (@digitalblonde).


Keep following @Kred for news of our next Influencer Summit, to be held on the west coast in the coming months – they are becoming a “must not miss” event for those in the industry and our Kred community.

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How do You Rank on the Elite Kred Bloggers 2013 Leaderboard? Tweet to be on the Leaderboard, see how you rank and Get your Elite badge code.

At Kred we love Bloggers,

And we have created the Elite Kred Blogger 2013 Leaderboard to recognize the amazing work of the influencers in the blogging community.

 The Leaderboard displays a sample of influencers, this is Living List and we want to add more popular and niche bloggers based on your suggestions.

See how you rank in the blogging community and receive a special Elite Kred Blogger 2013 Badge to display on your blog.

Send us a Tweet to get on the Leaderboard

Here are some tips on how to add the badge to your blog


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PeopleBrowsr v. Twitter: PeopleBrowsr Wins in Federal Court and is Awarded Costs Including Attorney Fees

Today, Federal District Court Judge Edward Chen ruled in favor of PeopleBrowsr and returned Peoplebrowsr’s case against Twitter to the San Francisco Superior Court.

PeopleBrowsr wins a TRO compelling Twitter to continue firehose access
In November 2012, PeopleBrowsr won a temporary restraining order compelling Twitter to continue providing full Firehose access. The court rejected Twitter’s contention that the application was without merit.

Twitter attempts to bring the case to Federal Court
Twitter then attempted to change course to remove the case from San Francisco Superior Court to the Federal Court on the basis that “PeopleBrowsr’s complaint is based on federal antitrust law”, and antitrust cases must be decided in federal court.

“Twitter’s inconsistent representations to the State and Federal Courts reinforce our case. Last week, they said this was a contracts issue. This week, it’s an antitrust issue,” said Rich.

Twitter filed a ‘Notice of Removal’ to Federal Court on the eve of the December 4 discovery hearing, claiming this is a federal antitrust case to determine whether the Federal Court has jurisdiction.

PeopleBrowsr wins against Twitter: Case returns to State Court
The Court agreed with PeopleBrowsr that the complaint relies solely on state law and that it does not have federal jurisdiction over the case.

The Court noted that “The fact that the removal shortly followed the state court’s issuance of a TRO suggests that Twitter’s decision to remove the case was born out of a desire to find a more sympathetic forum.” The court rejected Twitter’s arguments as “novel”: “Twitter’s removal lacked an objectively reasonable basis for seeking removal. It was based on a novel legal theory…”

Costs awarded to PeopleBrowsr
The Court also granted PeopleBrowsr’s request to pay for reasonable costs and expenses, including attorneys fees, incurred as a result of Twitter’s improper removal of this case.

The next step now is discovery, followed by a state court preliminary injunction hearing. In the meantime, PeopleBrowsr’s temporary restraining order against Twitter will remain in place and PeopleBrowsr continues to have full access to the Firehose.

Follow on Twitter using hashtag #PBvTw


Media contact


Court Documents:

Peoplebrowsr v. Twitter: PeopleBrowsr Wins Federal Court Action With Costs

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Top the Kred SXSW 2013 Leaderboard and Become a Kred Star

Are you a filmmaker, comedian, tech lover, video gamer or rockstar?

It’s that time of the year to get excited about SXSW.

Kred has created a SXSW Influence Leaderboard at  The top 50 Influencers and Outreachers tweeting with #SXSW hashtags are at the top of the leaderboard, which updates in real time.

Check how you rank:

We will be randomly selecting our Kred Stars from the top of the leaderboard throughout SXSW. Kred Stars will be awarded a $25 Amazon gift certificate, and an offline Kred Moment to recognize your SXSW influence.

Have a blast at SXSW and go forth and spread the Kred.


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PeopleBrowsr Helps Power 25 Million Mentions of The 55th GRAMMY Awards

Applying its Kred influencer marketing, Twitter gamification leaderboards and real-time conversation insights, PeopleBrowsr helped The 55th GRAMMYs set a record 24.8 million Twitter mentions for any TV event day of show.

With 28 million viewers watching the February 10 telecast and nearly 25 million mentions, The 55th GRAMMY Awards was the most watched and mentioned event in TV history. In just eight hours the GRAMMYs topped an entire year’s worth of mentions of brands like Nike, EBay, Microsoft, Sony, Pepsi and Ford!

This social virality fueled the second highest viewership of all time for The GRAMMYs. This years Twitter mentions during the telecast jumped 47% from 13M last year to 19.1M this year. The GRAMMYs Champion’s Playlist was the Social Media Influence hub of the event, creating interactions and showing top conversations in real time.

“PeopleBrowsr played a key role in driving engagement for the 55th GRAMMY Awards, as well as for our official marketing partners.”

Evan Greene, CMO, The GRAMMY Awards

We analyzed this vast amount of social data to share with you the top 5 Kings and Queens of the conversation contest amongst the nominees, the performers, the presenters and the fans.

The 55th GRAMMY Awards info-graphic highlights the top 55th GRAMMY social moments:

    1. Adele brought the coversartion up to 4.5 M mentions with her Best Pop Solo performance
    2. Franc Ocean won best Urban Contemporary album at the 5M mentions threshold
    3. The Bob Marley tribute was king of the second part of the evening, spiking the show close to 5M conversations
    4. Jack White and FUN. followed keeping the mentions up to 4M between 7PM and 8PM
    5. The most popular posts were for the Best Rap album winner Take Care and Best Traditional R&B performance “Love on Top”

Scott Milener, SVP at PeopleBrowsr and his team led the charge in supporting the GRAMMYs social media effort, giving them clear visibility on where, when and who they were engaging with throughout the entire broadcast.

“I am proud of the huge effort our team put in before, during and after the show in order to produce amazing results” says Scott. “The GRAMMYs is a dynamic TV event around top music artists reaching a massive global audience.  Our role was to reach this vast audience on social and get them to engage about the GRAMMYs in the weeks leading up to and during the event.”

PeopleBrowsr works with many brands on similar social influencer campaigns. Drop Scott a note at Scott at PeopleBrowsr dot com with your thoughts or questions.

What’s your GRAMMYs Kred score? Find out on!

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Kred Elite Influencers Badge Code

Two weeks ago we awarded gold badges to our 1%, 5% and 10% top Elite influencers; many folks responded asking how they could get the snippet of code to place the badge on their social media profiles, blogs and email signatures.

We heard you and our design team has delivered. Today we are sending out badges to all of those who received the original elite influencers badge award.

We would love for you to share a link or a screen-grab once you add the badge to your site – we are collecting amazing blogs screenshots and we would be delighted to include yours.

UPDATE: We are including a brief tutorial below on how to use and get the most out of your HTML Elite Influencers badge code.

The first and most important thing is to make sure you copy and paste the entire snippet correctly.

Resizing your Badge 

Use the “style” attribute in the img tag (in bold) to resize it to whatever size you may want, as well as apply any other styles you desire. The width is adjustable. The height will stay fixed in proportion to whatever width you choose.

In the example below you will also need to replace name below with your twitter @name and your personalized badge will be created for you.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” style=”width:200px; border:0px;”/></a>

Here is a beginners tutorial on inline css styles:

Implementing the Badge Code on Blogs & Profiles

Blogs like WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot you have a couple options. If you would like to include the badge in an actual blog post itself, make sure you are in ‘HTML format or view” when you cut and paste the code. If you would like to add the badge to a blog sidebar, use the layout option on your blog. Select the HTML/Javascript option. Set your title and then paste the snippet of code and hit save. Your Badge should now appear in your blog sidebar.

In Tumblr, when creating the post- you want to make sure to click the HTML (edit HTML source), a window will pop-up and you simply paste the code snippet in and save.

If your email client supports and you have HTML on, you can add the badge code to your signature by simply pasting it in your email client’s settings area that manages signatures.

Gmail uses a Rich Text Editor for it’s signatures. As the embed badge code is provided in HTML, we suggest using a 3rd party tool. You can create your signature using a tool like WiseStamp, a signature plugin for Gmail and Google apps – which supports a ‘better’ HTML editor.  Once defined in the tool, simply copy the result from the ‘normal’ view, not the HTML view, and paste it into the Gmail signature edit box.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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Thank You Kred New York Influencers

On Wednesday February 6th, we held our first Influencers Summit in New York.

In order to be invited, NY Influencers had to have a high Kred score and be based in New York. We also invited key influencers from agencies and brands in NY.

We had over 400 RSVPs and more than 220 NY influencers attend the event, having sold-out the week before leaving many on the waitlist.

We cannot thank our Kred friends enough for coming out to meet the team and each other. Below are some pictures from the event.

Besides the fabulous setting of the Crosby Hotel with food and drink, attendees were given VIP treatment in being the first to learn about several new products, the company roadmap and the announcement of PeopleBrowsr’s acquisition of Swaylo.

With Swaylo, Kred becomes the largest influencer platform with 500 mill profiles across Twitter and Facebook.

At Kred we also listen to influencers as to what they would like to see as Kred continues to evolve and shape consumer behavior. We heard you loud and clear and agree that Tumblr should…and will be integrated into Kred by the end of the month. As of this post, Tumblr has over 93.3 million blogs and more than 42.8 billion total posts, that is an incredible amount of influence and outreach to be had.

The packed crowd was split into two sessions held in the cozy cinema. The Kred team on stage included @AndrewGrill, @sabrinariddle, @traviswallis, @sfmrclean and @wingdude. Presentations included many of our new products including Kred for Brands, Kred for Education and KredNet. KredNet,  a message graph intelligence platform, was of great interest to the audience.

Designed to answer questions like “Who can I rely on?  What have they done for me? What is my purpose?  and Why I am awesome?” KredNet is next generation social scoring.

The audience was asked to tweet to be considered as early beta-testers of these fantastic new products, it was a blast watching the event hashtag #kredny become a trending topic in New York, right there above #Bob Marley’s Birthday.

Feedback from the attendees was that Kred is becoming the dominant player in the space – taking the lead in the measurement of influence.

Attendees and others in the twitter stream who couldn’t make the event in person had a ton of fun competing for influence on the real-time Kred NY Leader Influence Board. We make this a regular activity at events to keep engagements between the real world audience and those in their virtual spaces.

PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich summed up the evening best when he said “Kred Story was the first manifestation of ‘What interesting things can you do with your Kred score?’ because the score in itself is not what this is about…this is about changing human behavior by giving humans, enterprise, and business really interesting insights.”

We are excited that this exclusive VIP Kred Reward is going global. Next month we will be running a Kred London Influencer Summit on Wednesday March 27th. We are even more excited and pleased to announce that the Kred Star selected to win the trip to the London Influencers Summit is Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly).

Congratulations Gary! We look forward to meeting you in London at the London influencer summit.

Our second Kred Star will be recognized at the London Influencers Summit and will be awarded a trip to the next Kred Influencers Summit in the US.

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Kred Recognizes Elite Social Media Influencers

At Kred we love influencers and we love the Social Media Community.

A couple of weeks ago we shared Kred Elite Influencer badges with top influencers the Global Kred community. We have been amazed by the comments and reactions from our top influencers. Thank you!

This week we are sharing the Kred love with top influencers in the Social Media Community. We love you. Your Social Media Influence score is derived from queries that combine keywords, hashtags, Twitter bios and conversations within the community formed around social media.

Your Global influence score might be higher than your Influence in a specific community – this is because, every time anyone talks to you, you gain global influence and only when people in a specific community talk to to you, you gain community influence. Only 1% of the people in the social media community have a score of 400 or above.

The Kred Elite Influencer badges allow identification of the most trusted people in their areas of interest, their profession and engagement in social media streams. Our real-time algorithm and metadata created from 0ver 1,000 days of posts allows us to pinpoint these particular influencers.

Check out our recent post explaining the benefits of your Kred Score – “How Being a Kred Influencer Can Be Very Rewarding”.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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PEOPLEBROWSR ACQUIRES SWAYLO – Influence Measure, Kred, Now Scores Over 500 Million Profiles

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – February 7, 2013PeopleBrowsr becomes the strongest influence and social data analytics company with today’s announcement of Swaylo acquisition.

PeopleBrowsr, the leader in social analytics and the creator of the community influence measure Kred, announced the acquisition of Swaylo, the provider of Facebook influence analytics and marketing campaigns. With the addition of Swaylo, PeopleBrowsr becomes the most extensive social analytics datamine and Kred becomes the strongest influence measure.

“We believe that social data should be open, accessible and understandable by anyone who wishes to use it, whether they are marketers or individuals,” said Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr. “The acquisition of Swaylo and its technology reinforces Kred as the deepest, most transparent and most useful measure of influence and outreach for anyone that wants to find influential people on any subject.”

The Swaylo integration establishes Kred on Facebook. Peoplebrowsr is thrilled with this addition to the product suite. ‘Kred for Facebook’ will allow a new generation of users to correlate and understand their influence across social networking sites. Further, this allows Peoplebrowsr the amazing opportunity to help users discover content they will love,” said Andrew Grill, CEO Kred. The Kred for Facebook application, including Kred Rewards, is now powered by Swaylo. SwayloPro, Swaylo’s on-demand analytics on the interests, influence and demographics of fan bases across Facebook Pages will be integrated into Kred’s Kred for Brands offering. Kred for Brands provides brands with on-demand access to influence, interest and demographic analytics on Facebook Page fans, and @name account analytics and self-serve influencer lists for Twitter.
The integration of PeopleBrowsr and Swaylo brings the size of the new Analytics Datamine to more than 400 terabytes, with over half a trillion conversations from Twitter and Facebook, the full Twitter firehose since 2008—1500 days of posts, and over 500 million profiles across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums.  PeopleBrowsr continues to add to its Datamine in real time, processing 10,000 posts per second and adding metadata collected from profiles, interests and connections.

“Swaylo’s marketing technologies deliver high-impact results from the influence, interests, activities and relationships they analyze across hundreds of millions Facebook users,” said Sabrina Riddle, Swaylo CEO. “The combination of PeopleBrowsr and Swaylo creates the strongest influence measure for marketers who want to identify, understand and activate everyday influential people within specific communities at scale across Facebook and Twitter and drive ROI for their business.”

Swaylo’s operations and team, including CEO Sabrina Riddle, will join PeopleBrowsr’s headquarters in San Francisco.  “We are tremendously pleased to have Swaylo join our operations. The addition of Sabrina and her team immediately provides us with the operational scale to integrate Swaylo’s technology, evolve Kred and deliver powerful targeted influence marketing solutions under the Kred brand,” said Jodee Rich, CEO, PeopleBrowsr.

About PeopleBrowsr / Kred
PeopleBrowsr is the leader in the social analytics revolution and the creator of the world’s only open, transparent social influence measure, Kred. PeopleBrowsr believes social analytics can accurately depict human behaviors like influence and generosity and that the openness and transparency of social networks will be the catalyst for the next great leap in community and productivity.

Powered by a 400 terabyte datamine of 1,500 days of social media posts, PeopleBrowsr creates end-to-end social media marketing solutions, identifying the most influential people and making them accessible for analysis and engagement. Kred discovers the most influential people by interest-based community and location in real time. The actions that affect Kred scores are fully transparent to the public. Kred Story delivers a rich visual discovery of the most engaging interactions and social content that matters to you. Kred Rewards campaigns on Facebook and Twitter connect influencers with products, services and causes they will love. Kred for Brands provides brands with on-demand access to influence, interest and demographic analytics on Facebook Page fans, and @name account analytics and self-serve influencer lists for Twitter.


Media Contact
Peter Ferioli

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With 400 RSVPs the New York Kred Influencers Summit is Sold Out due to overwhelming demand

Kred friends, we are delighted at the overwhelming number of replies we have received for our first annual New York Influencers Summit this Wednesday night from 6pm at the Crosby Street Hotel. In fact, we have received over 400 RSVPs which fills the room and tells us that many people are keen to her what Kred has up our sleeves.

We have an exciting evening planned with food, drink, presentations and influencer networking:

6 pm: Drinks and Hors D’oeuvres
6:45 pm: Influencer Session 1 in the Cinema at the Crosby Street Hotel
7:15 pm: Influencer Session 2 in the Cinema at the Crosby Street Hotel

Summit attendees will be the first to hear from the Kred team about a brand new product we are launching, as well as a briefing on our roadmap for 2013 and beyond.

We will also be giving two of our “Kred Stars” present on the night a trip to London to our influencer event on 27th March – one name will be announced at each of the influencer sessions.

The following folks from the Kred team will be attending, all of whom are eager to meet with you:

Jodee RichPeopleBrowsr CEO and founder
Andrew GrillKred CEO
Travis WallisVP, Platform
Mike LintonVP of Business Development
Naomi AssarafBusiness Development
Scott MilenerSVP of Social Strategy
Sabrina RiddleChief Strategy Officer
Jessica GasthalterNY Business Development

We look forward to welcoming you to the Summit and meeting other influential New Yorkers as identified by Kred.

You can follow all of the action via the #kredny hashtag and also watch the action via our Kred real-time leaderboard at

See you in New York.



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