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For Valentine’s Day, Double The +Kred Love With Klout

To introduce +Kred, we are celebrating with a Valentine’s Day ‘Double The Love’ promotion.

Through February 29, any tweeted +K’s from Klout earns 2 +Kred awards.  We’re proud to to help you give some extra recognition to the people who inspire you most.

Participating in ‘Double The Love’ is easy. Kred will detect +K tweets and add double +Kred Influence and Outreach Points to both the influencer and their supporter for the rest of February.

As a little bonus, we have also awarded Influence and Outreach Points worth 1 +Kred to everyone for all tweeted Klout +K’s given between February 1 and 12.

+Kred lets you award Kred Influence Points to the people that make a difference to you on social media and in real life.  Like our Offline Kred, it gives everyone a direct opportunity to give special recognition to those who are most important to them.  See how to give +Kred to your influential people in the ‘Giving +Kred’ section below.

You can always give +Kred from anyone’s personal Kred page by going to  

How +Kred Works

Kred is a completely transparent influence scoring system.  Our Scoring Guide provides a complete rundown of the rules we use to calculate Influence and Outreach scores.

You can see anyone’s +Kred award on their page at or see their points in their real time Activity Statement.  Here are the values we assign for each +Kred:

  • The person receiving +Kred gets 70 Kred Influence Points in the Top Community of your choice.
  • When you give +Kred, you get a little something for your generosity, too.  Anyone giving +Kred is awarded 30 Kred Outreach points.

These values are doubled during our special Valentine’s Day promotion to 140 Influence Points and 60 Outreach Points.  Nice!

Giving +Kred

We have several ways you can give +Kred from anyone’s page at  First, you can rotate their Kred badge to the third position and click the button:

+Kred can also be added from a selection of each person’s Top Communities found just below the Influence and Outreach meters:

Select a person’s Top Communities from the blue triangle at the top of their Kred Badge and click the +Kred button:

… or click ‘Show more >>’ to unveil other Communities where they have high Influence:

Drop by today to start giving.  And Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends at Kred.

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Announcing our first Kred Leaders: Zem Joaquin, Sean Gardner and Jessica Northey

Today we are announcing our first three Kred Leaders.  The Kred Leaders program, headed by Porter Gale, partners with people who have shown leadership in their respective communities and a history of strong influence and outreach within them.  All of them exemplify the very best in using influence and outreach to build communities, spread messages and make the social conversation richer for everyone.  Each of our Leaders will help us spread the word about Kred and develop Kred Stars.

[table id=7 /]

The Kred Leaders team is currently in discussion with select members of online communities, and we’ll be announcing more partners soon.

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@BillyCorben, @AlexDonno790 among Florida’s most influential on Republican primary

Following on our study of South Carolina, Kred analyzed tweets about the Florida Republican presidential primary to find the state’s most influential media and people talking about the candidates.  Many Florida-based Twitter accounts had higher Kred Influence among fellow Sunshine Staters than the candidates and well-known national media. We found that @BillyCorben, the fourth most influential Floridian discussing the primary, had more influence with fellow Florida citizens on the candidates than @RonPaul, @FoxNews@CBSNews@DrudgeReport and @Politico, among others.

We found several FL residents famous for reasons beyond politics whose views on the Republican candidates reached many responsive Floridians.  These included filmmaker @BillyCorben, professional golfer @PaulAzinger, and MMA commentator and outspoken Ron Paul supporter @AlexDonno790.

This again demonstrates the importance of engaging local rockstars in communities to spread a message.  Influence measures are essential for discovering people who can affect opinions among small networks of peers, friends and subject matter experts.

It’s also noteworthy that our Top 25 Florida influencers include three Spanish-language accounts: @Telemundo, @ElNuevoHerald and Univision journalist @LourdesStephen.

[table id=6 /]

‘Florida Influence’ was determined by looking at every Twitter interaction between November 1 and January 20 that:

  1. mentioned Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum; and
  2. was replied to or retweeted by someone in Florida

We then assigned each interaction ‘Florida Influence Points’ based on on our Kred Scoring System and compared these to their global scores.  We are able to do this through our partnership with Twitter; we have access to its full “firehose” of posts in real time as well as historical access to over 1,000 days of tweets.

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Porter Gale Joins Kred

Today we are happy to tell you that one of the very best in the business at Influence and Outreach is joining Kred.  Porter Gale will be our Lead Advisor on our new Kred Stars and Kred Leaders programs.  In this role, Porter will be Kred’s chief evangelist among marketing executives and develop advocacy programs with our community of friends, peers and colleagues.

Porter was most recently VP Marketing at Virgin America where she transformed the startup airline into one of the most unique and responsive brands in the travel industry.  An accomplished filmmaker as well as a marketer, she was previously Managing Partner and General Manager of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners San Francisco.

“I’m excited to become part of Kred’s visionary team, which places deep analytics and refreshing transparency at the center of influence marketing,” said Porter Gale. “Kred is an essential marketing metric for brands that want to build and tend to close, trusting relationships with their audience.  Kred’s community-based approach creates unprecedented opportunities to identify influencers and reach the small close networks of people that share their interests.”

“Porter Gale, through her work at Virgin, has developed a world class understanding of communities and how they are built,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of The Hayzlett Group and Global Business Celebrity.  “As one of the top social media marketers in the world, Porter has a record of developing campaigns that build strong brands and rich customer relationships.  This is a big win for Kred.”

Porter frequently writes and speaks how personal influence creates business value and personal change.  Check out Porter’s column on Huffington Post, follow her on Twitter, or view her talk at TEDxLaJolla on ‘The Power of Personal Networking’ below:


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@ToddKincannon, @fitsblog are top influencers of South Carolina on Republican primary

We always say that ‘We always have Influence somewhere’ and to put that to the test we took a look at Kred Influence in the presidential primary process.   The question we posed is Who has most influenced South Carolina citizens about the Republican primary?  South Carolina provides a particularly interesting case because it votes ‘solo’ on Saturday, January 21 without any other state primaries on the same day and it has a relatively small electorate (only 445,000 voted in its 2008 Republican primary).

Our study shows that local influencers – both individuals and local media –  play a large role in the political decision making process in South Carolina.  We identified many SC-area Twitter accounts with higher Kred Influence about the primary among South Carolinians than national media outlets or the candidates themselves.   Further, these people are not necessarily well-known, connected to the candidates, or members of the media.

We determined ‘South Carolina Community Kred’ by looking at every Twitter interaction since November 1 that:

  1. mentioned Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman or Rick Santorum; and
  2. was replied to or retweeted by someone in South Carolina.

We then assigned each interaction ‘South Carolina Influence Points’ based on on our Kred Scoring System and compared these to their global scores.  We are able to do this through our partnership with Twitter; we have access to its full “firehose” of posts in real time as well as historical access to over 1,000 days of tweets.

Here are the top influencers based in South Carolina and top global influencers of South Carolinans about the Republican candidates:

[table id=4 /]


In particular, South Carolina attorney @ToddKincannon proved to be more influential among South Carolinians on the primary than anyone else, including the candidates’ own Twitter accounts and national media like @AP and @HuffingtonPost .

Another example: Greenville realtor @JamesAkersJr  has more South Carolina Kred Influence Points about the Republicans than @CBSNews or @CNNbrk.

A lot of attention has been paid this election cycle to the social media influence of the Republican candidates.  All of the candidates have unusually high Kred Influence; at this writing, @mittromney, @newtgingrich and @ronpaul have Kred Influence scores falling in a tight range between 966 and 973 — greater than 99.99% of the Twitter population.

This study proves that the real story really lies elsewhere.  In an election environment increasingly dominated by big money television buys, a candidate can make an impact with ‘retail’ campaigning by engaging influencers over social media channels.  The key is influence measures that can discover people in communities who can affect opinions among their networks of peers, friends and subject matter experts.

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What is Offline Kred?

A person’s online reputation is often a reflection of their real-life status as an expert, celebrity or leading thinker.  Many people we follow are personally known to us or we learned about offline.  Drawing a truly complete picture of a person’s influence should have the ability to include real world accomplishments and activities.

This is why we’ve made integrating offline achievements with online identity a key part of Kred.  With our Offline Kred feature, you can add anything to your Kred that you are proud of or gives you authority on a topic – from a college degree to charitable works to frequent flyer status. (After all, who is more authoritative on Travel than someone who has flown 1,000,000 miles!)

[imagebrowser id=3]

To add yours, start at the ‘Get More Kred’ menu tab in and then click on the Offline tab.   At the bottom of the page, an interface opens for uploading a certificate or other PDF document that shows your achievement.  Name your accomplishment and add the number of points you think it is worth.  (If you need a hint, we have a summary of our Offline Kred scoring on our Rules page or you can make an estimate based on other people’s Offline Kred visiblle in their Activity Statements.)

Offline Kred menu tab

Once our team processes your request, a new transaction showing your Offline Kred will appear at the top of your Activity Statement.

Offline Kred in an Activity Statement

Our points system is in the chart below. As examples, some of the first people we have given scores include:

  • @OrchMail – Built the first Cloud Computing Company (Avasta) – 40,000 points
  • @jaykrall – Business Development Director, Cision – 20,000 points
  • @tsipple – MBA George Mason University, School of Management – 10,000 points
  • @dblacombe – BA, Psychology – 2,000 points
  • @lynseybarber – Editorial Assistant at Haymarket Publishing – 1,000 points

If you wish, we can keep the certificate you send us Private.  When you do this the Offline Kred line-item will be visible in your Activity Statement with the number of points assigned, and nobody can access the certificate you provided to support your accomplishment.

What do you think about Offline Kred and our scoring system?  Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @kred.

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OperationSAFE nets 5,000 retweets for its Kred Wish in 24 hours

Within just a few hours of its launch, the Kred Wishes influence marketplace demonstrated the power of matching Influence with Giving when OperationSAFE received 5,000 retweets of its wish in less than 24 hours.

OperationSAFE provides humanitarian assistance to children in disaster areas around the world. On December 21 it made a Wish for a celebrity to to call attention to the still-challenging conditions faced by the young victims of last March’s tsunami in northern Japan. Overnight nearly 5,000 people retweeted @operationSAFE’s wish. This is a great example of how Kred Wishes creates generosity from your community to makes great things happen.

Retweets of @OperationSAFE's Kred Wish 12/21/11

It’s still possible to help with a retweet or a Boost, which provides a higher level of support.   In addition to retweeting the wish, a Boost is a commitment to automatically following the Grantor in your Twitter timeline and sending a Thank You tweet to the Grantor when a Kred Wish is fulfilled. Boosting is a small way you can chip in to make a dream come true and reward Grantors with increased influence.

If you would like to boost or retweet OperationSAFE’s Kred Wish, head over to today. And if you’re a charity-minded celebrity with some time to help, may we suggest you click over to too? :)

We’ll keep you posted on other great things happening in Kred Wishes. We are humbled by the amazing response to this wish and dedicated to building an influence marketplace that can help anyone make dreams happen.

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Kred Is Now Open To Everyone

Kred is here and ready to go!  Last week Kred opened the doors to anyone who wants to learn about their Influence and Outreach within Communities formed around interests and affiliations.

The Kred ship launches!

Have you already had a play with Kred? Many of Kred’s distinctive features started out as suggestions from our friends and colleagues, and we are always open to hearing your new ideas. Just tweet us at @kred or mail

Here are answers to some of the questions we get most frequently:

What’s with the dual score?
The larger number is Influence, scored on a 1-1000 scale. It’s the measure of the likelihood that your posts provoke actions from others. Outreach is a measure of your generosity shown by the frequency of your retweets and replies to others.

Is my score completely Transparent?
You can always see how your social actions count towards your score – and your friends’, too. Just click on the Activity Statement menu item.

How do you determine what Community I’m in?
We automatically place you in Communities based on the words in your Bio and the last 1,000 days of Twitter posts as well as the Communities of the people you talk to most.

What about my Privacy?
Visit your Privacy Settings any time to anonymize your actions. Learn more on our Privacy Page.

There is much more, so please have a walk through the site or download our Kred Guide.

We hope our new take on social influence is interesting, useful and fun. Tips & tricks for getting the most out of Kred will be a frequent focus of this blog. Don’t forget to stop by from time to time or subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you would like to learn about how our scores are calculated, we have a page describing our ‘Kred Rules’ that explains everything in detail. More questions? Tweet us up at @kred and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Kred Wishes Launch Event and Holiday Party

[slideshare id=10609025&doc=kredgrantsandwishesdeckv10-111215190617-phpapp02]

Last night a festive holiday crowd came to PeopleBrowsr Labs for the launch of Kred Wishes and a thought leadership panel discussion on Influence and Giving.  We were honored to have as speakers Author / Consultant Porter Gale and Brian Solis, Principal at The Altimeter Group and Author of The End Of Business As Usual.  Brian and Porter joined our CEO Jodee Rich on stage for a lively discussion about the benefits of generosity and sharing on social networks, and we were later visited by our good friends Tim O’Reilly and Roger Magoulas from O’Reilly Media.

Brian and Porter both talked about how being on social networks creates great opportunities for altruistic behavior.  Porter gave an update on Amit Gupta, whose search for a bone marrow match has received a big assist from the generosity of his virtual network in sharing his story forward.  Brian discussed the intersection of influence and generosity: “The real theme should be reciprocity… Influence isn’t for influence’s sake.  It’s for generating outcomes.”  This was the right discussion to have at this time of year!

We were very grateful for the support of local entrepreneurs that granted Kred Wishes at our event, including Public Bikes, RelayRides, Sockwa, Rickshaw Bags, Sol Republic and Smith Brand Bow Ties.  A big thank you to all!

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How We Calculate Kred Outreach

Our intent is to enrich the social media experience by enabling discovery of the people most likely to engage on a subject.  Kred’s Outreach Level identifies people with a history of generously replying to lots of people and content.

Outreach Points

Kred is founded on the same building blocks that create strong interpersonal relationships: Trust and Generosity. In the Kred score, Influence represents Trust, or the ability for someone to create action with their content. Kred Outreach is the other half of the equation; it measures a person’s generosity in their online relationships.

Outreach Points are earned anytime you perform a generous act for someone else. Points are awarded for each of the basic actions that indicate generosity: replying, mentioning, retweeting or following a person. This can be seen in the chart below:

Kred Outreach Points Table

Converting Outreach Points To Kred Outreach

Outreach Points are accumulated to increase Outreach Levels. Each successive Outreach Level is progressively more difficult to achieve. When you have 100 Outreach Points, you reach Level 1; Level 2 requires 270 Points (170 incremental Points after achieving Level 1); and so on.

As it is for Kred Influence, we calculate unique Outreach Levels for every person in each of their communities. This means that someone who has an Outreach Level of 6 in the Global Community could be Level 2 in Social Media, or vice versa.

A person’s Outreach Level never goes down. We believe that generosity is infinite and so we plan to keep adding Outreach Levels as long as there is Kred!

On November 11, 2011 we looked at the data to find the minimum number of Outreach Points to achieve an Outreach Level across all of Twitter.  This will scale differently within each community and we will update this chart on a monthly basis.

Kred Outreach Conversion Table

We hope our emphasis on transparency is helping you have a richer understanding of Kred and its uses. We would love to hear what you think about Kred and our approach to scoring. Add your voice to the comments below or tweet us at @kred.

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