Tweet your ride from our SXSW KredCabs

Kred has 65 pedicabs pounding the streets of Austin for SXSW Interactive this year. Just keep an eye out for one of our KredCabs and hop in for a ride.

While you’re resting your feet, tweet @Kred to tell us about your top SXSW experience with the hashtag #KredSXSW. We want to hear your thoughts on what was hot… and what was not. Tell us about your favorite SXSW symposium, the coolest product demo you saw, the best afterparty you rocked, or even something strange you overheard. We’ll review your #KredSXSW stories and post our favorite contributions to our blog.

Your KredCab peddler could even be a Kred celeb. Our CEO Jodee Rich (@wingdude) and API Director Travis Wallis (@traviswallis) are driving two of the KredCabs and ushering SXSW attendees to their destinations.

After a packed itinerary of symposiums, lectures, and costumed bar crawls, non-stop elbow-rubbing and hob-nobbing, a KredCab will be just what the doctor ordered.

KredCabs are powered by Kred, Austin’s Metrocycle Pedicab and Softlayer, our cloud computing partner.

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Keep up with SXSW’s top influencers and outreachers with our daily Kred Leaderboard

In all the excitement of SXSW, it can be tough to know who is driving the conversation about the day’s biggest memes so you can get involved.  That’s why we created our SXSW Leaderboard, which you can see right now at

The Kred-powered SXSW Leaderboard delivers a one-click overview of the day’s most talked-about personalities on the #SXSW hashtag.  It reveals the people who are being most talked about and interacting most actively with others.

The Leaderboard is much more than a scoreboard.  The front page shows the day’s Top Seven influence and outreach scorers, and clicking on More Leaders reveals the day’s Top 50.  Click on any @name to open their Kredentials, a full profile of their most mentioned words, @names, links, and hashtags, and the things you have in common with them – perfect for opening conversations in person or over Twitter.

Our boards update in real time and reset at midnight each day, so check back often to catch up on the day’s hot people and topics.  Maybe you’ll even see yourself up there!

Keep an eye on Kred Blog and @Kred during SXSW for updates on the conference’s hot influencers and outreachers.

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Kred Influencers: Dan Amrich

Dan Amrich jumped from traditional publishing to social media after 15 years in senior editorial roles for video games magazines GamePro, Official Xbox Magazine and World Of Warcraft: The Official Magazine.  In 2009 he became the Social Media Manager (and first social media hire) for Activision, where he runs the popular @OneOfSwords account and podcast.  Dan’s first book, Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living, has just been published in traditional and ebook versions.

Follow his personal tweets at @DanAmrich  and his professional account at @OneOfSwords .


What does being influential online mean to you? 

It means I’d better watch what I say! I try to balance being approachable and authentic with being responsible. The only reason I have any influence at all is because I have built up trust — people can and will unfollow me if they feel I’m no longer useful or credible. So to stay influential, I need to remain trustworthy and respectful to the people who turn to me for information.

How do you use your influence to improve your community? 

I get to champion small causes that might not otherwise be heard. I did what I could to help a recent Guitar Hero fundraiser called @HeroForTheHeart, where a gamer played a marathon session to benefit the American Heart Association in memory of his dad, who used to play the game with him. When I send out Tweets about something like that, I can only hope that my audience is really listening.

 How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

I think the best thing about social media is that the relationships are genuine. I have met people from Twitter and Facebook in real life and we basically just pick up the conversation where we left off. Being nice to strangers often makes those strangers into friends, and that’s just fantastic.

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I am basically the same person in both realms — devastatingly witty, incredibly humble. (That’s a joke.) But I do want to show a little bit of me and my tastes to tap into some common experiences while I talk about “work stuff.” I don’t think people want a corporate drone; I take care of whatever responsibilities the job requires, but if I go somewhere interesting or do something I think the audience would find cool, I want to share those experiences too — as long as it doesn’t come off as “Ha ha, look where I am that you’re not” or “Check out how much more awesome my life is than yours.” Ivory towers suck.

There’s a flip side to that: Early on I was checking in with Foursquare to every place I went and parroting it to Twitter, and I got some teasing about that — “Really, do I care that you’re at Target? Pick me up some Mike & Ike’s.” And that was a fair point, one I needed to hear. Oversharing of the mundane is lousy, but sending photos in real-time from an event like E3 or PAX — places a lot of gamers would like to be if they had the chance — is always appreciated. And yeah, if I see an interesting new t-shirt at Target that I think my game-focused followers might want to know about, I will still send that out too. But I consider the audience before I share what I’m thinking of sharing.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to make social media their career?

I came at it bass-ackwards, having spent 15 years in traditional media before making the jump. That has proven incredibly helpful — I already knew how to speak to a large audience on an intimate level, as a friend — but it’s not exactly a roadmap for anyone else. I would suggest that you not use your metrics as the final judgement of your worth.  Count the number of meaningful interactions or conversations you have in a day instead. If you are actually engaging people, that’s more interesting anyway.  I’d rather make friends than gain followers.

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@fashionweekNYC, @amazingwomen lead TED Kred Events Day 2 influence & outreach leaderboard

TED, the amazing annual conference for ‘spreading ideas,’ is now opening its third day.  We took a look at our TED Kred Events influence and outreach leaderboard at the end of Day 2 to see that its top Influencer was @fashionweeknyc and @AmazingWomen was its lead Outreacher.  In real time, our leader board shows the most influential people discussing the conference with the #TED and #TED2012 hashtags, as well as Top Outreachers like @delwilliams and @zem, our Kred Leader for the Sustainability Community, whose generosity supports TED’s mission to spread ideas.

Visit our TED Kred Events leader board throughout the week to get real time updates on its most influential speakers.  The board resets daily at midnight so a different set of influence and outreach leaders will be visible every day.  We also have an FAQ on our scoring system.

Click on the image of the Day 2 leaderboard below to see it updated live in action right now:

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Kred’s exclusive Oscars Leaderboard shows the night’s Top Influencers & Outreachers in real time

It’s the biggest night of the year for the movies and Hollywood glam, so we’ve prepared a special Oscar night treat so can you catch the evening’s biggest social media influencers in action.  We built a Kred Events Oscars Leaderboard where you can see the people driving the conversation about tonight’s ceremony and red carpet gala.

UPDATE 2/27: The leaderboard below shows the Top Influencers and Outreachers when the Oscars telecast came to a close at midnight ET / 9:00pm PT.  Congratulations to @getglue and @365hangers .

Oscars Top Influencers & Outreachers

Always updating in real time, our Oscars Leaderboard shows the Top Influencers and Outreachers using the #Oscars hashtag. Top Influencers are the people most mentioned, retweeted and replied to about tonight’s big event.  Our Top Outreachers show the people who are sharing the most content about the Oscars as replies, mentions or retweets.

Click on any @name on the board to learn more about that person, including their Kred score, Top Communities, Most Mentioned People and much more. It’s a great way to connect with new people that share your passions.  An FAQ about the Oscar Leaderboard and its scoring system can be found here.

Let us know in the comments who should win tonight and who influences you about the movies.

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Kred Influencers: Amberr Meadows

In Amberr Meadows’ Twitter bio, she calls herself a “Mom, Writer, blogger and Travel Editor.”  A passionate blogger, she keeps a regular schedule of at least four posts a week along with guest posts at her site Like a Bump on a Blog, with every Tuesday reserved for travel tips.  With over 57,000 tweets at this writing, she is surely one of the most engaged and generous people on Twitter.  Follow her at as @amberrisme .


What does being influential online mean to you? 

I don’t worry much about being influential, but I do focus on engaging and interacting with people and sharing relevant content. Behind every avatar is a human being looking for some sort of positive connection, and if I have nothing else to share for the day, I still share smiles. I am a huge advocate of reciprocity and tend to do others the way they do me.

How do you use your influence to better your community/business and strengthen your business? 

I concentrate on the content I’m sharing and how people respond to it. If something is not working I am quick to change it,. I love thinking creatively and I am always willing to try new things, because I am easily bored. As a consequence, my blog is thriving and my reach is growing steadily. Now I “do” social media for business and pleasure, and there is an abundance of both.

 How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

Generosity is one of the most important components of online relationships. In addition, it makes social media a joy rather than another mundane part of my marketing plan. I love to help others and encourage people just starting out. I’m not sure if it’s Karma or expected, but others tend to be generous in return without me asking.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get involved with blogging?

Don’t expect overnight success. No matter how amazing your content is, you will have to promote yourself through the major social media platforms to build traffic. Don’t rely solely on SEO or brilliant content, because you WILL fail if you do. If you are patient and consistent with your efforts, it WILL pay off.

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I am the same online and in real life, I believe that transparency is far more appealing than anonymity. I may not always say something everyone agrees with, but I’m not hiding my identity to escape scrutiny. I welcome challenges and critiques in both “worlds” because it makes me a stronger writer and a better person. This, in turn, allows me to add value to others’ social media experience.

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Kred CEO Andrew Grill interviewed on ‘Social media, analytics and the science of influence”

We are one of the sponsors of The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit, taking place in London at King’s Place, March 21-22.  We’ll be bringing our Kred Influence and Outreach leader boards to Changing Media Summit that were big hits at Social Media Week events last week in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Earlier this week Kred CEO Andrew Grill sat down for an interview with The Guardian on “Social media, analytics and the science of influence.”  An excerpt follows below and you can read the full article at Guardian Media Network.

Andrew Grill announces Kred’s collaboration with the Changing Media Summit

How has our understanding of social media developed in recent times? 

We’re using the title ‘Social Influence’ for the session at the Changing Media Summit – and one of the big questions in 2012 will be how you measure influence. The science of measurement of influence has changed considerably over the years. In 2009 it was about how many followers you had on Twitter, in 2010 it was how many followers and how many people are engaging with you. In 2011 it was what are people and what are your friends saying about you. In 2012 we need to take a different approach. It’s not just about the number of followers and number of people that retweet you, it’s are you actually engaging with real people, in real communities in real locations? So what Kred does is allow you to look in realtime at who are the top influencers. Influence is a measurement of what others do for you because of something you do. We also measure outreach which is a measure of generosity – the more people you follow, the more people you tweet, the content you share, the more generous we think you are.

Read more

Andrew Grill talks about the importance of social media to broadcasters

Guardian CMS 2012 promises to be a Can’t Miss event, including exciting keynote speeches from Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix; Jeremy Darroch, CEO, BSkyB; Jean-Yves Naouri, COO, Publicis Groupe; and Andrew Rashbass, CEO, The Economist.
Register today for The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2012

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Kred’s National TV Debut: Jeffrey Hayzlett talks Jeremy Lin & Kred on The Neil Cavuto Show

Kred made its national TV appearance last week on Fox Business’s The Neil Cavuto Show. Global Business Celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett dropped by to talk about Jeremy Lin, his potential value to marketers and his rocketing Kred score:



For a look at @jlin7′s Kred and Kredentials, click on his Kred badge below:


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Kred Influencers: Ray Wang

Welcome to the first in our series of posts on Kred Influencers.  These posts will spotlight people with high influence in their communities.  Often these people have high Kred Influence and a relatively small base of followers.  Their high involvement with social media has made them key players in their communities and small networks.  

R “Ray” Wang describes himself as a Provocateur, Enterprise and Disruptive Technologist.  When he is not DJing at a Bay Area nightclub, Ray has his hands full with his role of Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research, Inc. He is also the author of the popular enterprise software blog A Software Insider’s Point of View.


What does being influential online mean to you?

Online influence is both a privilege and responsibility.  It means that you have a responsibility to get your facts straight and that what you say impacts and influences others.

How do you use your influence to better your community and strengthen your business?

I use influence to share information and knowledge, help connect others, and provide public service announcements as needed.

How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

Generosity is key to building online relationships.  However, trust is the new social currency.  Generosity builds trust but actions speak louder than words.  Online actions can be tracked and provide a background for trust.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become more influential?

Start by adopting the tools. Watch others. Listen. Engage.

What are your most successful tweets?

In general the most successful tweets engage others, especially those who’ve been following but have not had an opportunity to reply.  An offer for help, a response to help, an interesting observation, all these start the beginning of a good conversation. You don’t have to be controversial but humor always helps. Engaging and including is a must!

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I share relevant moments through pictures, points of view, and multiple channels.  Mixing up online presence with in real life experiences help create depth.

I’ve had some great customer service responses while on the road. These brands get it and have earned my loyalty: @virginamerica, @hotelPRguy, @marriottintl, @jetblue, @iflyswa, and  @spginsider.   The ones such as @united who just ignore you will probably lose my business.  Engagement is key.  Out of respect, it’s key to keep balance.  When I have a problem, I just DM now and do not abuse the service.  I also don’t expect immediate response for a lower priority issue b/c I know how hard it is.  Brands need more customers that understand this balance.

Thank you, Ray, for being the subject of our first Kred Influencers post.  To learn more about Ray and his work, check out his blog A Software Insider’s Point of View or follow him at @rwang0.

Subscribe to the Kred Blog to see more profiles when the series continues.

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Kred Events Social@Ogilvy Movers & Shakers Leaderboards – a Social Media Week 2012 Exclusive

Heading to Social Media Week in New York, Hong Kong or London?  You won’t want miss the Kred Events-powered “Movers & Shakers” leaderboards.

Created in partnership with Social@Ogilvy, our daily real-time updated list of Top 50 city Influencers and Outreachers will keep you in the know about the people doing the most to enrich the social media conversation around SMW.   The leaderboards can also be viewed online at, and

To participate during Social Media Week, all you need to do is mention, retweet or reply to someone while using one of the city hashtags, #smwnyc, #smwldn or #smwhk. We will also detect tweets with the #smw12 hashtag and geocode it to one of these cities.

We then award Influence and Outreach points in real time to the person posting the tweet and the person mentioned in the tweet, applying a real-time scoring algorithm to assign Influence and Outreach rankings in each city’s SMW community.   For this event, our always-transparent scoring system will be the same as it is for Kred.

The front page shows the Top 7 Influencers and Outreachers, and you can expand the list to the Top 50 from the “More Leaders” link. If you don’t initially make the Top 50, keep tweeting and mentioning other users.  When they mention, retweet or reply to you, this in turn increases your Influence.   Every night at midnight scores are reset to zero, so each day of the event has a new set of rankings to give you another chance to get to the top.

This marks the debut of Kred Events, the first influence platform expressly for gatherings like trade shows, sports events or anywhere people use hashtags to define participation.  Each hashtag is treated as a distinct community with its own unique ranked set of Top Influencers and Outreachers.

Kred is delighted to be working with such a respected firm as Social@Ogilvy for Social Media Week.

“We have built and used influence models over the past seven years.  The new Kred Events platform provides an interesting and novel way to track event-related influence. It’s both real-time and topic focused,” said John Bell, Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy. “We love working with innovative technologies like Kred. They help us not just understand but communicate how influence really works and how we can apply it to social business.”

Let us know how you enjoyed the experience in the comments below or tweet us at @kred.

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