Kred Advisors

We all have Influence somewhere.

Kred’s mission is to bring the world closer together by helping people with shared passions find each other and have great conversations. Social media fosters understanding and togetherness. Kred leverages the power of pure Influence and Generosity to enrich conversations in interest based communities and build a better world.

Kred Leaders are the catalysts. They exemplify the spirit of Influence and Outreach.

We invited people who inspire us to be Kred Leaders because they represent the very best in social media engagement as a highly connected community members.  We support them in their mission to encourage everyone to develop personal influence and outreach for richer social engagement.

Please note that all of our Kred Leaders are unpaid (except for Lee Bogner who joined Kred full time as our VP of Business Development and Social Strategy in NY on 9th June). Our leaders are true advocates of Kred and social media influence generally – we are so lucky to have them.

Please visit our Kred Leaders pages to view profiles of all our Leaders and the remarkable work they do every day.