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Your Network is Your Kred – Friends of Super Influencer Hermione Way get 10K Kred points


Your network is your Kred,

Influencers are busy sorting information to absorb, events to attend and people to keep in touch with.

Being connected to super influencers means two things:

- You add value to your network and even very busy people want to be connected to you

- You can levearage your super connections to spread messages and inspire action in broad audiences

Hermione Way is a new media journalist, Reality TV personality, and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and she is a Kred super influencer. Find Hermione on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and see her Influence Story.

Today, we are awarding 10,000 Kred influence points to friends that Hermione has met at conferences and events around the US and UK.

Have you met Hermione? Are you connected to the Silicon Valley super influencer?
Let us know today and get your bonus 10,000 kred points 

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Come see the PeopleBrowsr Kred CEO at the Under the Influence Summit

Are you going to be at the Under the Influence Summit?

Jodee Rich, the PeopleBrowsr Kred CEO is speaking at the Under the Influence Summit in San Francisco.

Come discuss The Future of Influence at the Moscone Center on Wednesday April 10th at 5PM.

Our team will be at Ad:tech Tuesday and Wednesday Find us at Booth UI05

Tweet about #Influence13SF to be on Under the Influence Leaderboard

Are you going to be at the Under the influence Summit?

What is the future of influence for you?

Please, let us know in the comments!

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Brand Managers, Kred for Brands is here


Brand managers have inspired us to create and optimize the Kred Platform, and for them we have created Kred for Brands

“Kred for Brands allows brand managers and strategists to identify, prioritize, and engage their most valuable influencers”
Jodee Rich, PeopleBrowsr Kred CEO

It’s for brand managers that Kred is:

Transparent – Brands want to see how influence is built and what generates the score
Community Based – Brands need to reach out to influencers in specific domains and netowrks
Double score for Influence and Outreach - Brands expressed to us that it’s important for them to know how much people are active in the community and how much they inspire action in others 

Brand Managers inspired us to create:

Kred Rewards - to recognize influencers and community leaders
Leaderboards - to explore influence ranking by location, community, event
Brand Health Reports - deep analytics to study social media presences, do strategic competitive research and optimize interactions.

Kred for brands sums up all the good work that Brand Managers have done with us to optimize the Kred platform. Thank you.

It is a visual analysis of a Brand social media presence: it gathers unmatched intelligence about competitors, fans and followers

It helps discover actionable insights: Interests, Influence, Demographics, Behavior: it digs deep in the hundreds of millions of social profiles in the PeopleBrowsr

It helps identify and engage key influencers on Twitter and Facebook to create successful word of mouth campaigns: it filters lists of influencers based on interest, network, connections, for brands to engage with the most effective brand advocates and community leaders, learn about them and activate their communities and increase social media ROI.

Are you a Brand Manager? Do you use social influence to optimize your campaigns?

Please let us know in the comments!

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Kred Elite Influencers Badge Code

Two weeks ago we awarded gold badges to our 1%, 5% and 10% top Elite influencers; many folks responded asking how they could get the snippet of code to place the badge on their social media profiles, blogs and email signatures.

We heard you and our design team has delivered. Today we are sending out badges to all of those who received the original elite influencers badge award.

We would love for you to share a link or a screen-grab once you add the badge to your site – we are collecting amazing blogs screenshots and we would be delighted to include yours.

UPDATE: We are including a brief tutorial below on how to use and get the most out of your HTML Elite Influencers badge code.

The first and most important thing is to make sure you copy and paste the entire snippet correctly.

Resizing your Badge 

Use the “style” attribute in the img tag (in bold) to resize it to whatever size you may want, as well as apply any other styles you desire. The width is adjustable. The height will stay fixed in proportion to whatever width you choose.

In the example below you will also need to replace name below with your twitter @name and your personalized badge will be created for you.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” style=”width:200px; border:0px;”/></a>

Here is a beginners tutorial on inline css styles:

Implementing the Badge Code on Blogs & Profiles

Blogs like WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot you have a couple options. If you would like to include the badge in an actual blog post itself, make sure you are in ‘HTML format or view” when you cut and paste the code. If you would like to add the badge to a blog sidebar, use the layout option on your blog. Select the HTML/Javascript option. Set your title and then paste the snippet of code and hit save. Your Badge should now appear in your blog sidebar.

In Tumblr, when creating the post- you want to make sure to click the HTML (edit HTML source), a window will pop-up and you simply paste the code snippet in and save.

If your email client supports and you have HTML on, you can add the badge code to your signature by simply pasting it in your email client’s settings area that manages signatures.

Gmail uses a Rich Text Editor for it’s signatures. As the embed badge code is provided in HTML, we suggest using a 3rd party tool. You can create your signature using a tool like WiseStamp, a signature plugin for Gmail and Google apps – which supports a ‘better’ HTML editor.  Once defined in the tool, simply copy the result from the ‘normal’ view, not the HTML view, and paste it into the Gmail signature edit box.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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PeopleBrowsr Wins Temporary Restraining Order Compelling Twitter to Provide Firehose Access

San Francisco, CA (November 28, 2012)

PeopleBrowsr and Twitter appeared in San Francisco Superior Court today. PeopleBrowsr won a restraining order compelling Twitter to provide full Firehose access. The court rejected Twitter’s contention that the application was without merit. A hearing date for a preliminary injunction has been set for January 8th, 2013. “Today’s decision was a good result,” said Jodee Rich, Founder and CEO of PeopleBrowsr.

“We relied on Twitter’s promise of openness when we invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours of development time,” said Rich. “Long term supply is essential as this industry matures. We made this application to ensure full unrestricted access to the Firehose for our Enterprise and Government clients.”

Today’s decision comes after a strong four year relationship between the two companies building Firehose Analytics. PeopleBrowsr develops APIs and social data intelligence on the foundation of Twitter’s public tweet Firehose of more than 400 million tweets per day. “PeopleBrowsr has used the Firehose to build pioneering and broadly adopted products like Kred, the world’s only open, transparent and real time social influence measure,” said Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred.

Twitter’s recent strategy change and new restricted access policy has raised concerns over growth and competition in a tightly controlled market. Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey said at the DLD conference in Munich, “Twitter is an information utility”. PeopleBrowsr believes it is important for Twitter to maintain an open ecosystem for its unique data.

Twitter has built its business on the promise of openness. Many of the core features including retweets, hashtags, @replies and $tags have been created by the developer community. They have created the applications that enabled Twitter to grow and prosper. Robert. G Harris, Professor Emeritus in the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and expert in competition and patent policies, an expert witness in the case said in an affidavit “Twitter promoted its ‘open ecosystem’ to encourage third parties to risk their time and money building businesses that depended on Twitter to survive”.

Court Documents:

Expert Witness Declaration

Expert Witness Declaration 2

Expert Witness Appendix

Jodee Rich Declaration

TRO Complaint 

TRO Application 

TRO Memorandum

TRO Summons

Media Contact:

Sarah Kirsch, Communications Manager
510 689 1497

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Introduction To Kred Video


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