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OperationSAFE nets 5,000 retweets for its Kred Wish in 24 hours

Within just a few hours of its launch, the Kred Wishes influence marketplace demonstrated the power of matching Influence with Giving when OperationSAFE received 5,000 retweets of its wish in less than 24 hours.

OperationSAFE provides humanitarian assistance to children in disaster areas around the world. On December 21 it made a Wish for a celebrity to to call attention to the still-challenging conditions faced by the young victims of last March’s tsunami in northern Japan. Overnight nearly 5,000 people retweeted @operationSAFE’s wish. This is a great example of how Kred Wishes creates generosity from your community to makes great things happen.

Retweets of @OperationSAFE's Kred Wish 12/21/11

It’s still possible to help with a retweet or a Boost, which provides a higher level of support.   In addition to retweeting the wish, a Boost is a commitment to automatically following the Grantor in your Twitter timeline and sending a Thank You tweet to the Grantor when a Kred Wish is fulfilled. Boosting is a small way you can chip in to make a dream come true and reward Grantors with increased influence.

If you would like to boost or retweet OperationSAFE’s Kred Wish, head over to today. And if you’re a charity-minded celebrity with some time to help, may we suggest you click over to too? :)

We’ll keep you posted on other great things happening in Kred Wishes. We are humbled by the amazing response to this wish and dedicated to building an influence marketplace that can help anyone make dreams happen.

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