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How Kred Works – We love this [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thank you Shea Bennett and our friends at Mediabistro and AllTwitter for this great blogpost and infographic.


Kred is a measure of influence that was created by San Francisco-based social media company Peoplebrowsr to help identify influencers within interest-based communities.

Built on the principle that “we all have influence somewhere”, Kred was the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for influence and outreach, achieving this by valuing engagement and interaction over largely superficial metrics, such as follower count.

Check the infographic below for an overview of how Kred works, how to boost your score and how Kred can assist you in your own social media campaigns.” See this blogpost on Mediabistro.


How influential are you? Find out now on Kred


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Kred Story Shows Big Bird Flying Over Romney and Obama

KredStory is a great way to see all the social media action around big events, like key US political events.  At Wednesday night’s first US presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the most memorable character turned out to be an 8-foot tall yellow feathered icon whose best friend lives in a garbage can.  

Kred Story was a great way to see this trending topic arise in real time after Mr. Romney said he would end support for Big Bird’s television home, PBS.

Visit KredStory any time to get a free personal visual history of any @name, hashtag or trending topic – including yours!

Big Bird

One of the night’s most popular tweets included this reaction from the beloved Sesame Street star.

Big Bird is infrequently mentioned on Twitter, but the debate sent fans into high gear.

The #BigBird hashtag was most used in traditional Democratic strongholds.

Barack Obama

The President has one of Kred’s top influence scores and is one of the world’s most followed accounts.

He is consistently one of the world’s most mentioned people, with spikes around big news events.

These states are the ones that most frequently mention, retweet and reply to @BarackObama.

Mitt Romney

Governor Romney also has one of the world’s strongest social media influence scores.

The Governor is also frequently mentioned. During the debate, his mentions nearly equaled Obama’s.

The states where Mr. Romney is most influential contrasts with Mr. Obama’s top locations.

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Kred Partners With Social Influence Gets Personal

Andrew Grill Kred Story

Social influence is an essential part of your real-life identity, so we are very excited to announcing that we are teaming  with to integrate Kred scores into their beautiful, free personal profile pages.

We love services that allow you meet and connect with other like minded people. creates dynamic visual home pages all about you and your interests. is a fantastic way to let people learn more about you by showcasing your personal brand and displaying your social network accounts and connections in one place.

The new Kred Story app reveals another layer of your digital presence by showing a visual stream of your most influential social media activity on your personal home page.  Visitors can view the communities where you are most influential and the people you interact with most frequently, just for starters.  They can also see your Kred score, recent tweets, and the people who most often mention you on Twitter sorted by Kred score.

Andrew Grill Kredentials

Visitors can also open your Kredentials, a one-click summary of your social media presence, including your most used words, hashtags and links.  This allows someone to instantly see what they have in common with you.

Get your personal digital hub by signing up at their home page, then add the Kred Story app from the Apps menu at right.   Create yours and then show off the URL for your page in the comments below.

You can see how the page looks for our CEO Andrew Grill on his page as well as API Director Travis Wallis at


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America’s Got Talent. Who’s Got Kred?

The America’s Got Talent finale starts Wednesday night and we’ve all heard what the judges are saying. Howie Mandel predicted “I always thought that William Close will win, but now I think Tom Cotter will.”  Ultimately, it is the audience that will have the biggest vote. So which contestant has the most Kred?

If it was up to social media presence, performance painter David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s (@GaribaldiArts) would be the winners with a Kred score of 786/7. The runners up would be SandStory artist Joe Castillo (@JoeSCastillo) with 730/5, comedian Tom Cotter (@TomCotterCom) with 717/0, dog act Olate Dogs (@OlateDogs) with 696/5, kid dance crew The Untouchables (@UntouchablesAGT) with 679/4 and harpist William Close (@EarthHarp22) with 664/3.

We’ve also scoured through millions of conversations to unveil which contestants people are most excited about. Are they enthralled with the kiddie dance crew The Untouchables – or are they turned off by their trouble-making accusations?  Will this be the years that a dog act beats out all its human competitors?

The most popular tweet isn’t about a contestant, and is shockingly from… Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber). When AGT neglected to play the premiere of his new video “As Long As You Love Me” as promised, his fans started an uproar on Twitter. Reassuring his fans that it would be played the following week, Bieber’s tweet has been retweeted over 23k times:

To get a full snapshot of the chatter surrounding the America’s Got Talent finale, be sure to visit Kred Story.

Who do you want to win America’s Got Talent?

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Kred’s Jodee Rich Previews Kred Story At Riverside Chat

In-between kitesurfing sessions at Hood River in Oregon, Kred Founder Jodee Rich chatted with Kym McNicholas of PandoDaily about the new Kred Story.

Noting that everyone has influence somewhere (and at that moment they had high influence in the Kitesurfing community), Jodee explains how Kred Story shifts the spotlight from scores and data to people and their content.  Kred Story makes it easy for anyone to understand their social media influence, and the visual format makes it fun to explore and discover people, content and brands.  

Why can’t all interviews be conducted by a river?

Read Kym’s full PandoDaily article here.  It’s one of our favorite pieces we’ve seen about Kred Story.

Have you learned about your Kred Story yet? 

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Visualize Your Social Influence With NEW Kred Story

Today we are launching a new way of seeing social influence that is different than anything we – or any social analytics company – have ever done before.  Kred Story displays a personal, visual stream of your social media history that makes it easy to understand your influence.

This is a huge step for social analytics.  Our mission in creating Kred Story is to give everyone access to social data in way that is intuitive, meaningful and fun.  Kred Story moves the conversation about influence away from numbers and data to bring it back to the best thing about social media: the ability to connect with people who have things in common and shared passions.

Visit Kred Story to view the posts, pictures, links and achievements that build your Kred.  Entering your name (or anyone’s) opens a 1,200 day social media stream. You can view your entire forest of influence from 50,000 feet or zoom in to explore individual trees like your most popular posts, frequently used words and the people you interact with.

You can also explore social streams from friends, favorite brands and popular publications. Entering an @name like @CNN, @Wired or @BoingBoing produces a scannable overview of their most influential content.   You can also enter any hashtag to see who’s talking about an event, TV show, movie or any trending topic.  The most popular posts that people have interacted with most float to the top.

Kred Story makes it easy to find like-minded people that share your interests. Click on any box – like Frequently Used Hashtags or an interesting tweet – to view Twitter bios of people who have tweeted that content and follow people straight from there.

We gave a sneak preview to select influencers like Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Robert Scoble and Interscope Records’ Lee Hammond, who they were very impressed with how Kred Story’s moves social influence beyond numbers and data. HARO’s Peter Shankman was especially impressed:

“Kred Story adds a whole new dimension of resonance and relevancy to social media interactions, said Robert Scoble, Startup Liaision Officer, Rackspace.  “We’re now moving beyond scores and data to a point where people can easily find each other by their passions and what they have in common.”

Check out an overview of Brian Solis’s Kred Story below. And then learn about your own Kred Story by visiting

Brian Solis Kred Story – August 2012 from Kred by PeopleBrowsr on Vimeo.

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