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How Kred Works – We love this [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thank you Shea Bennett and our friends at Mediabistro and AllTwitter for this great blogpost and infographic.


Kred is a measure of influence that was created by San Francisco-based social media company Peoplebrowsr to help identify influencers within interest-based communities.

Built on the principle that “we all have influence somewhere”, Kred was the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for influence and outreach, achieving this by valuing engagement and interaction over largely superficial metrics, such as follower count.

Check the infographic below for an overview of how Kred works, how to boost your score and how Kred can assist you in your own social media campaigns.” See this blogpost on Mediabistro.


How influential are you? Find out now on Kred


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Kred Influencers: Marlon Gobel

Marlon Gobel is an influencer in the fashion world.  He has shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and been covered by top-notch publications like GQ, and is also not-so-coincidentally an influencer in Kred’s Fashion Community.

Marlon started off his career as Director of Operations for Thom Brown. After 8 years of experience in the fashion world and studying art and design, he launched his own menswear collection in Fall 2010. He is known for his sense of humor both online and offline, and his excitement for fashion is contagious.

We spoke to Marlon about how he leverages his online influence and why social media gives small brands the chance to show their best face to the world.

What does being influential online mean to you?

In the fashion world it is very important to have influence online.  With opportunities for exposure in print media decreasing, an incredible digital presence can be better then an advertising campaign in the best magazine.

How do you use your influence to better your community?

It’s our job to help men and women feel more chic and sophisticated.  Once you show them how cool they can look on the outside, it is very easy to show them how cool they can feel on the inside.

How does being generous in social media enhance your network?

We believe the most influential people look good and dress well, and we love to share advice on how to do just that.  It keeps everyone coming back for more!  Every day is a chance to be more stylish then the last.

What do you do to integrate ‘real life’ with your online identity?

At Marlon Gobel we believe that every man should be a gentleman and have meaning in their lives. We follow the same guidance with social media. We don’t share anything unless it’s kind and smart, and we always throw in some humor!

What’s your advice for someone that wants to make a career in fashion?

Social media has evened the playing field. Small brands have the same opportunity as big brands to share their vision and style. You don’t need a billboard in Times Square to make a fashion statement or to start a trend. Your customers can have just as much Kred as an editor of a magazine.

Watch this video to view Marlon Gobel’s latest Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

MARLON GOBEL • Spring / Summer 2012 from MARLON GOBEL on Vimeo.

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Social Media Executive Geoff Farris Appointed Kred Advisor

The Kred team is growing! We are happy to announce that social media executive Geoff Farris (@GFarris) is joining us as an advisor. Mr. Farris was Executive Vice President, Sales and Strategic Agency Relations for Visible Technologies, a leading provider of Social Intelligence solutions, where he worked with clients including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Xerox, Motorola, OfficeMax, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Autodesk, American Express, GSK and Johnson & Johnson.  Previously, Farris held senior executive positions with Enterpulse, groundswell and e-media. Check out what key execs have to say about this exciting addition:

“I’m pleased to join Kred at a time when it has emerged as the influence measure of choice for brands looking to make social media engagement a core component of their marketing mix,” said Geoff Farris. “Kred’s ability to identify and activate top influencers by communities connected by interests and things in common will be a cornerstone for uniquely effective social media influence marketing campaigns.”

“Having Geoff on the Kred team strengthens our proven ability to deliver amazing influencer marketing campaigns to our partners,” said Porter Gale, Kred Advisor and former VP Marketing, Virgin America. “Geoff’s deep expertise working with Fortune 1000 brands will bring exceptional service and thought leadership to all of our client engagements.”

“Having worked directly with Geoff at Visible, I know firsthand that he has world-class experience in developing and delivering social media campaigns that generate tangible results for top consumer brands,” said Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred.  “We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team to help us deliver excellence in social media marketing to brands and agencies at at time when Kred is really resonating in the market.”

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Kred Leader Lee Bogner joins Kred full time as VP Business Development & Social Strategy in NY

I’m delighted to announce that Lee Bogner, Kred Leader in the Advertising community has agreed to join the Kred team as VP Business Development & Social Strategy in our New York office.

Lee was one of the 25 Kred Leaders that took part in our two day summit held in San Francisco in late May.


At the summit, Lee not only had an opportunity to meet the rest of the Kred team, but also see fist-hand what we are cooking up next for Kred.

Clearly he was happy with what he saw and we then discussed how he might help us with our East Coast efforts.

Given Lee’s strong background in the advertising and marketing space - Lee is formerly CIO at, Real Savvy Media, markdenkane agency, and VP at InterWorldeCommerce, he will be hitting the ground running in New York, promoting Kred to agencies and brands in this key market.

On joining Kred full time, Lee said

“I’m impressed with the Kred vision, leadership and team.  Kred and Kred Rewards are timely and relevant to brands, agencies, the B2B and B2C enterprise! I’m thrilled be joining this team!”.

Kred is building a real head of steam in both the US, UK and Australia, and has become a credible alternative to other influence platforms in the market.

I am confident that under Lee’s watch, Kred will go from strength to strength in New York.

Welcome aboard Lee! You can follow him @LeeBogner.

Andrew Grill
CEO, Kred

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Kred Influencers: Justin Matthew

Justin Matthew is a Social Media Specialist and viral video maker for popular YouTube network HouseholdHacker, which has over 1.2 million subscribers and 167 million views for fun science education videos like “Defying Gravity” and “Boil Water With Ice!”  Follow Justin at @JMHHacker or read his social media tips at


What does being influential online mean to you?

I love Social Media and am a member of at least 20 different platforms.  I help create, act, write and research viral Youtube videos that teach people about Science, Technology, Computer Tips, DIY, Gaming, Education and more.   Of course I use all our social media platforms to promote a new video or tweet a cool fact about science, technology, DIY culture or gaming.  We have one of the most popular Science shows on the internet with over 60 videos and 40 million views!  We also love to have fun with the occasional Prank.

The goal is to create content that helps people get smarter.  I have a blast doing my job and making a living on the internet, and I hope everyone finds my content interesting.  I love technology, science, art, gaming and much more. We appreciate all the support, so please don’t hesitate to say hello.


How do you use your influence to better your community?

It means everything to me. I spend hours a day trying to  help others.  I know that may sound routine but I can back it up. I started a second Twitter channel called @TheJmhhacker to support content creators.  I also founded a forum with the sole purpose of offering support and advice to each other.

How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

Generosity enhances every relationship.  It goes hand in hand with influence. I try to interact and care about everyone that contacts me and go out of my way to try to help them.  Without generosity, I would not be where I am today.

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I live offline the same way I live online: very competitively!  I won the Orlando tennis championship 5 times and now I use this as a platform to help and coach other players.

I don’t think it would be possible to live two separate lives: one online and one offline.  You are who you are!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to make viral videos their career?

Never give up.  The key to being in social media is being motivated and patient every day.  Always try new content and continue to fight until you become a master of it.  I also recommend setting a schedule each day for spending time online engaging with others to increase your influence.


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Kred’s 2012 Top 50 API Influencers List; Top spots go to noted social developers @joehewitt and @jkalucki

Key Facebook and Twitter developers lead our first-ever list of the Top 50 API Kred Influencers. We looked through 1,000 days of social data and interactions to find  the most mentioned, retweeted and replied to people on Twitter about software development and the latest innovations in programming.

To build the Top 50 list, Kred uncovered influential people from all corners of the development community, including well-known senior engineers from Zynga and Twitter as well as indie developers tweeting about the latest programming news.  API Influencers span the globe, residing in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, New Zealand. and even “Caliyorkistan” (as @Kev calls it).  We also found influential developers talking about plenty of other important topics, like @JonCrawford whose bio claims that he “loves a good API & a good IPA.”

To keep up on the fast-moving API development community, we encourage following and engaging with these important opinion shapers, all of whom have a Kred Influence score greater than 700.

We would love to see what the imaginations of the Top 50 API Influencers could create with the newly launched PeopleBrowsr Kred API, which lets developers tap into 1,000 days of indexed social conversations, find community influencers, and work with aggregated or author-based social metadata to build applications.  Companies like Mashable, and Rapportive have already deployed the PeopleBrowsr Kred API to create real-time leaderboards, generate infographics and add influence scores to web applications. Email us at, follow @kredapi for the latest news or drop by our developer site to learn more about  and get a key.

Who did we miss?  Are you on a Top 50 API Influencer?  Do you know a developer that influences you and belongs on this list? Let us know in the comment section: 

[table id=15 /]

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Kred Influencers: James Kicklighter

James Kicklighter is an award winning director/producer whose work has been recognized by leading film publications around the world.  He established his production company JamesWorks Entertainment in 2005 at the age of 16.  Since then it has added web development and marketing/public relations divisions.


Ain’t It Cool News raved that James’ short film Followed “[is] directed with a delicate and gentle hand… The most unexpected horror surprise seen in quite a while.”   He has also produced several documentary films.  Film Threat said that Di Passaggio “captures all the imperfections of group travel in a foreign country, boiled down to the authentically naive reactions…[and] innocent perceptions of the world.”

Follow James at @jameskick, watch his zombie short Followed, and check out his full filmography at his personal site or IMDb profile.

What does being influential online mean to you?

I must admit that it is a feeling of great accomplishment because it has taken years to cultivate influence both digitally and offline, so it is important to maintain a positive image with people who support and trust me.  While I once would post personal things, I now try to be aware of the variety of audiences and belief systems that I speak to on a daily basis. We live in a large world with many cultures, so I treat everyone’s thoughts with dignity.

With influence, there is an added sense of responsibility. People observe my behavior, and I have to make sure that it is in keeping with how I would expect others to treat me. I try to be as nice to individuals as possible, though I sometimes go off on brands that have done me wrong to get more attentive customer service.

I learned a valuable lesson years ago that the best way to build trust is to be as honest and forthcoming as possible. That mentality helped me create influence. When a certain number of people start to trust you, then others join the bandwagon. To build that trust, I have to continue to treat my fans and followers with respect. Continue Reading →

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Tupac Shakur steals show at Coachella

The annual Coachella festival opened its first weekend last Friday and repeats again this coming weekend.  We looked at the Kred of the more than 100 acts that performed in the Palm Desert to find the most influential performers.  As it turned out, the Coachella artist who had the biggest influence on social networks over the weekend wasn’t there, doesn’t have a Twitter account – and in fact hasn’t been alive for nearly 16 years.  The legendary rapper Tupac appeared as a hologram to join his former Death Row Records colleagues Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg for versions of “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Infographic by @NazdaqIndex

Leaving aside ghosts and holograms, the Top 25 Kred Coachella Artists chart is dominated by rappers and DJs, led by Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, The Weeknd and David Guetta.  Of the top 25 Kred Influencers, only five could be called ‘rock,” and the most influential of those, Radiohead, has only the 12th highest Kred overall.

Here are Kred’s Top 25 most influential Coachella artists:

[table id=13 /]

Tupac’s ‘performance’ was the big winner of Coachella’s first weekend on social networks, driving more tweets, mentions and replies than any other performer by far.  As of noon today, Tupac (or 2pac) was the the top word tweeted in the 521,000 posts about Coachella in the last two days, appearing in over 44% of Coachella tweets (more than 231,000 times).

Tupac’s hologram has been busy on Twitter since his performance and fast catching up with his co-stars better established accounts.  In less than two days, his new account @HologramTupac has been retweeted nearly 29,000 times and earned a strong Kred of 855 / 2 and rising.



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Kred Influencers: Mike Street

@MrMikeStreet  is a Senior Director of Digital Marketing in New York City, and has developed strategies for brands like Time Magazine, Rémy Martin, Oscar de la Renta, Lexus, Turner Broadcasting, and BET Networks. He is also (as his Twitter Bio says) a lover of bourbon and a Superstar Blogger.

In this interview, Mike discusses how he uses his professional and personal influence to create technology career opportunities for people in Harlem.


What does being influential online mean to you?

Online Influence is the difference between being a Good Witch or a Bad Witch.  I use my powers for good!

But seriously, I focus on helping people simplify their lives through social media. I meet many people and business owners who are overwhelmed by social media, and find my tweets, blog posts and tutorials helpful. I use my online influence to help bring people to a zen-like relationship with social media.  I don’t want people to think of social media as a big headache.

How do you use your influence to better your community?

Online and offline I’m trying to use my influence to help people be laser-focused on their career and business path.

I’m the organizer of the Blacks in Technology Meetup in NYC.  I use my influence there to help African-Americans navigate technology and develop a successful career path. In March we hosted a Meetup with EA Games to help African-Americans get a “1-up” on a career in gaming.

I live in historical Harlem, and I work to bring tech uptown by hosting events that focus on technology.  In April we are hosting a Tech Demo night in Harlem, DEMO 4 UR LIFE, where local startups will have a platform to showcase their work.

How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

I strongly believe in giving as much as I can. You can’t expect people to pay attention to you if you are not a beacon of generosity. I try my best to paint my online life with unicorns, rainbows, and kittens so that when people interact with me they are having a positive experience.

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I’m exactly the same online as I am offline. I’m extremely cool, laid-back, and always willing to share out as much information as I can. A  lot of people have been nice to me and have helped me along the way, so I personally feel the need to give back as much as I can. If you see me on the street and need my help then I’m more then willing to lend an ear. I’m fun that way..LOL.  And if you buy me a bourbon you can really get deeper into my head. ;)

What advice do you have for someone who wants to make social media their career?

If you’re trying to have a career in social media, then you need the following:

  • Strategy First, Platform Second – I have interviewed and hired a ton of people over the years, so I know what companies are really looking for in social. Make sure you know how to speak to strategy development and social media build.
  • Community Development – If you want to do well in this business, know how to build and manage a community. I’ve seen too many people come in for an interviews with no community management skills. This a base level skill set that you MUST have.
  • Measurement and ROI – Learn how to measure and track EVERYTHING.
  • Account Management – 90% of the job is building a relationship with your client. Learn how to make the client your best friend. I’ve had clients call me late at night and talk to me for hours and then pay me MORE money to help reach their goals. Account Management is the difference that will make your career successful.

Connect with Mike on Twitter at @MrMikeStreet, follow his blog or mail him at streetforce1 at

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Jodee has fun at SXSW; Longest Beard in Texas, CEO drives Pedicabs, Tweets up 6 to 1 over 2011

Incredible Beards, PepsiCo, PediCabs,
The highlights of my time at SXSW this year:

No shaving for six years = Offline Kred

SXSW Interactive prepares me for my time as a starship commander.
I gave this Cool Dude 5,000 Offline Kred Influence Points in the Beauty Community for his 5 o’clock shadow.
Meet my new friend @atxfacialhair.

Me negotiating a Kred API deal with a very tall Man

Paul Krasinski (@paulARBdigital), Arbitron’s SVP, Digital Media & Analytics.

Pedicab driving

I love bicycles. My wife thinks I went to Austin for meetings. Actually I was a pedicab driver.

Even our competitors thought I was crazy…

Influence scores come together with mega-connector @CathyBrooks. That’s our @TravisWallis with @mayhemstudios.

Kred Leaders

Super-blogger @shiralazar with Big Travis.

We also got to catch up with @johnnosta and @markwschaefer.

The Kred Pepsico Leaderboard was HUGE

The top influencers were @JayZ – he had a tweet contest for admission to his SXSW showcase – and the keynote speakers like @algore, @dens, @ericries and @guykawasaki.  @TonyaHallRadio was the top Outreacher every day.

The SXSW Influence and Outreach Leaderboard is staying live through the Music portion of the conference.  Visit it here.

Big Kred and Little Kred

Pri and Travis with their Kred pyjamas on under their jackets. We are working on a range of fashion sleepwear – “Kred in Bed” – to release at next year’s SXSW.

SXSW Mentions up 600+% from last year

Mentions of SXSW interactive increased an average of 600+% this year!  Over half a million #SXSW tweets in four days shows that what’s happening on social media is what’s happening, period.

What would you die for…?

I tweeted the most about @TimOReilly’s presentation, it was the best of SXSW for me:

“What would you die for? What you are doing now is what you would die for. You could die at any moment.”


I left Austin thinking about how we will all change from Kred and the vast amounts of public social data that we are now collecting. When I walk into a room, I know a lot more about the new people around me.

Pondering this thought – Over the next few years we will spend less time on social protocol, working out who and how to engage, and will have more time to have open and frank conversations with those we relate to and trust.

Happy SXSW :-)

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