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Being An Elite Kred Influencer Can Be Very Rewarding

Are you one of the top 10%, 5% and 1% of Kred Influencers? See your Kred score here.


What does this mean?” or “What is the value of this?” 

The Kred team went through our database, looked at the distribution of the scores and found the people in the top 10%, 5% and 1% of the curve. Kred works on a double logarithmic scale, and being in the top 1% is a remarkable achievement.

To understand how Kred arrives at the transparent influence and outreach scores please visit the Kred Scoring Guide. You will also find a distribution curve and a distribution of scores.

As far as how your top influencer score can be translated from the gold badge and used in the real world, Sally Falkow @sallyfalkow, the CEO of Meritus Media explains:

Having a good influence score makes it easier for Falkow and her team to interact with other influencers as bloggers respond to someone who they can see has a digital presence and has been active on social networks for some time.  “We’re delighted with this recognition from Kred and we will display the Top 1% Influencer badge on our website, our blog and our Twitter feed,” says Falkow.

You Can Claim Rewards

As a top Kred Influencer you are likely to be eligible for various Kred Rewards. Everything from free Pantene products to invites to our exclusive VIP New York Influencers Summit. At the NY Summit next Wednesday February 6,  two Kred Stars will also be awarded a free trip to our London Summit on March 27, 2013.

Thank You

The amount of replies, congrats, retweets and sharing of our subscribers’ top scores has been incredible. Many have been asking and yes, we will be releasing the gold top influencer badge icon soon for you to share on your social profiles.

The email is praise, the gold badge is recognition and your Kred score is a set of statistics that backs it up.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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Kiro7 and Social7 anchor Jenni Hogan announced as Kred Leader

I am super excited to announce that Jenni Hogan (@jennihogan) has agreed to become a Kred Leader.

Not only is Jenni a passionate South Australian and like myself hails from Adelaide, she is also a shining light in the Seattle social media and TV community.

In her professional life, Jenni is a tech-savvy, Emmy award winning TV host and producer.  Her online family lovingly refers to her as the “Queen of Social Media” that keeps them in the know while they’re on the go.

This Australian native hosts “Social7 with Jenni Hogan” a live interactive one-hour lifestyle/social media show on KIRO 7, the CBS affiliate in Seattle. Jenni also wakes viewers up with a smile every weekday from 4:30am to 8am as the traffic anchor on the morning show.

Jenni is passionate about making TV a two-way experience for the viewer and has been recognized as the most followed local TV journalist on Twitter and Facebook in America. With almost 200,000 followers online Forbes calls her the “Socially Savvy TV Journalist” and she is listed as one of the top 23 female geeks in the world, by the Huffington Post.

This busy working mother uses her online platform to empower her followers to better themselves or help others. She moved to America from Australia to accept an athletic scholarship at the University of Washington and graduated with a double degree in Economics and Communications.  Jenni is a dual-NCAA National Rowing Champion and captained her crew team to the back to back titles her senior year. This former elite athlete loves encouraging and inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

In June 2012 Jenni won an Emmy in the category of “Interactivity” as Host/Producer of a 3 hour interactive livestream event called “The KIRO 7 Mobile Tweetup with Jenni Hogan”. She helped create the concept which mixes traditional TV with the online voice to benefit local causes. These mobile tweetups have raised more than 75,000 items for babies, thousands of dollars for cancer research, and 6 truckloads of toys for kids benefiting Toys For Tots. Jenni was voted a finalist in the Shorty Awards (the Oscars of Twitter) in 2011 by her online community. She harnessed the momentum of her giving online friends to produce a social media campaign on Twitter that raised $80k worth of maternity bras for mothers in need in Washington State.

Jenni lives in Seattle with her husband Josh and their daughter Siena.

Jenni is also the host of  Social 7 – on Kiro7 this Thurday night, July 19th  at 7pm.  Kred is a proud supporter of #social7 and we have been proving a live leaderboard at for each of the shows to date.

Kred is the only influence platform able to produce a real-time influencer leaderboard, and we are proud to be supporting Jenni and the Social7 show.

Social7 with Jenni Hogan is a live one hour interactive TV show that covers the 7 most relevant, hip, current topics that mix the viewers lifestyle with social media. It airs July 19th at 7pm PST on KIRO 7 the CBS Affiliate in Seattle. You can watch online at the show will be livestreamed live. Viewers are encoraged to participate by tweeting @TheSocial7 and using hashtag #Social7.

Welcome aboard Jenni – it is great to have someone so passionate about social media join the Kred family.

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Kred Leader Joshua Estrin Turns To Fans To Drive Content, Celebrity Interactions

Joshua Estrin (@joshestrin) is a Kred Leader in the Celebrity News community and an influencer in both online and offline entertainment. He writes a celebrity news blog, PopMuncher, and is also a regular on CNN, CNBC, E!, and XM Radio. We recently had the chance to chat with him about his latest projects, and how social media and daily interaction with his fans inspires his celebrity interactions and interviews:

How do you use social media to illustrate your celebrity encounters?

Social Media is a powerful platform that transcends the boundaries of traditional media and allows for unprecedented real time access. It allows me to bring my “fans” and followers along so they can drive my celebrity interaction and tell me what they want to hear, instead of what I think they will be interested in.

What is your favorite part about using social media to interact with fans?

Social media allows me to engage with real people in real time and to gain greater insight into what makes each of us unique. I like that it helps connect us to one another and creates communities.

How do you use your influence to better your community?

I strongly believe that authenticity is key. I don’t pretend to be famous nor do I hide my shine. I hope that by listening to what my community finds compelling, I can engender change and connect with the causes that uplift and invigorate the human condition. Continue Reading →

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#FriFotos Shares Photos With the World

Oceans #FriFotos via @NatGeoTraveler, photography by James Morgan

 Charles Yap, a Kred Leader for the Travel Community, co-hosts the weekly Twitter event #FriFotos that showcases inspiring and unique photos from around the world. Every Friday, he joins founder Jonathan Epstein (@EpsteinTravels), co-host Stephanie Diehl (@TravelDesigned) and two guest co-hosts for a photo sharing forum that lasts all day across all time zones. Look out for the new theme each week, and on Friday upload any related photos to Twitter with a short caption and the #FriFotos hashtag. Your photos will be viewed by people internationally from San Francisco to Singapore!  It really creates a tight-knit sense of community to be able to chat about amazing photos with people from around the world.  View the full guidelines for #FriFotos here.

Want to get involved?  Whether you are a seasoned pro with a DSLR or a novice with a smartphone, anyone can participate. Your image is likely to be different than someone else’s perspective, which is what makes the event so fun!  Even if you don’t have photos to submit, you can still join in the conversation, see today’s photos and retweet your favorite shots with the hashtag #FriFotos.

This week’s theme is Rooftops, and recent themes have included Flowers and Oceans.

#Flowers #FriFotos via @CharlesYap

Do you use social media to share photos? If so, let us know your favorite tools and events in the comments section.

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Art Meets Social Media: GabyGaby creates paintings from the Kred Analytics of his Twitter followers

In a true mash-up of art, social media and data science, Kred Leader GabyGaby has turned his Twitter account into a series of paintings.  The Dutch multimedia artist is known for his unusual approaches to music, trends, iconography and nostalgia. He has shown in New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Vienna as well as creating site-specific works in Las Vegas and for the Tour de France.

Using the power of our 1,200 day social media archive, the Kred team started by extracting Twitter posts about @Gaby407, his followers and the most common words they use.  We then created a word cloud of his followers’ most used words, a list of the most mentioned colors in their posts, and the cities his followers most frequently tweet from.  Then we mailed this deep Kred Analytics Report over to Gaby’s studio in The Netherlands.

It turned out this was all the ‘Brainspiration‘ Gaby needed for the project, and last week he completed a series of three pieces based on the Kred Twitter data.

If you enjoy Gaby’s art, there is much more to explore at his web site and his accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook,  Flickr and YouTube.  Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments below.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Follow the blue Dutchman

Based on the words blue, Netherlands and followers.

“New York used to be called New Amsterdam, so over here we still see the city a bit as The Netherlands. The color of our country is orange, so the orange man represent the Netherlands. Their heads are made from Delfts blue plates.  You can see they are all followers because they follow the one guy that started this blue plate thing – the big man in the middle.”

Some pink New York loving

Based on the words pink, New York and love.

“New York is a place to love and pink happens to be a cool color.   I combined all 3 three in one.  A big New York heart…”

Following the Green USA

Based on the words follow, green and USA.

“Green stand for money, so the background of this piece is made from a dollar print.  The arrows around the US flag show us to follow the USA to the money.  The black arrow tells us that some people in Europe might not think we should just always follow the US – it might bring us down.  Following is good but sometimes one needs to lead the pack.”

Here is a video of Gaby at the Kred Leaders Summit discussing his process for creating these pieces:


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Kred Leaders Share Ways to Amplify Social Media Influence On Summit Day 2

The spotlight was on the Kred Leaders and how they use social media for change at the second day of the Kred Leaders Summit. We gathered at Kred HQ to share social media success stories and discuss the best ways to leverage communities and personal networks to create positive change.

GabyGaby revealed three innovative paintings that he created from data extracted from Kred’s 1,200 day social media archive. Each piece was inspired from his followers’ most used words, favorite colors and most frequented cities. This sparked a conversation about how Leaders can use Kred’s data for their own projects. We’ll have a more detailed post on Gaby’s pieces soon, and here’s a sneak preview:

Ben Morrison gave a stand-up routine about the power we have when we make people laugh, and noted how some of the most successful campaigns have nothing to do with the actual product — they just make people laugh. The validity of this notion was proven as we all erupted into laughter at key moments. A video of his presentation is below. Caution, it contains adult content:


Angela Maiers spoke about her the powerful philosophy behind #YouMatter. She stressed how every individual must feel needed in order to drive change, and the power that a small connected network like the Kred Leaders has to make a big impact. She provided three steps: raise awareness of an issue, share it with others, and then take concrete action to create change. She proposed creating an official day of awareness for #YouMatter, and asked the other members to join in promoting this effort.

Since everyone deals with customers at some point in their business, Shep Hyken told us about his belief that “Customer service will save the world!” He gave advice on how social media and influence measurement can be used to deliver superior customer service.  Kred Leaders Advisor Porter Gale also shared her own experience building a fanbase of happy customers with social media at Virgin America.

We were captivated by Mark Horvath’s talk about cause marketing and the story behind his video blog He invited the other Leaders to join his mission to raise awareness about America’s homeless by raising awareness in local communities through social media. Shira Abel asked how this would actually drive change, and Mark responded that awareness is the first step to activating people. Here’s a trailer for his upcoming documentary, @home:


Everyone unanimously agreed that Kred’s future was very bright, and that they would like to have a larger role in promoting the exciting new features. Gabrielle Laine Peters, Jure KlepicSean Gardner and Peter Shankman each requested Kred Leaderboards technology to amplify their own outreach. Ekaterina Walter and John Nosta brought up the idea of joining together to develop white papers for helping people grow their social media influence to support their initiatives.

The summit concluded with a Tweet-up at the Rex Hotel, giving everyone a chance to chat with Leaders like Jessica Northey, Lori Moreno, Ann Tran, Reg Saddler and Lee Bogner. Though the event’s primary purpose was networking and general conversation, the influence and power of the people in the room demonstrated what could happen if this group got together to promote a specific cause.

Do you have a message for the Kred Leaders? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Kred Leaders Meet Path, Highlight, Twitter and Gavin Newsom on Summit Day 1

Yesterday we gathered 23 Kred Leaders from across the globe to check out the hottest startups in Silicon Valley and discuss the power of social influence. We had the opportunity to meet with tech innovators from Path, Highlight and Twitter.

Jodee bikes with Kred Leaders to the first stop of the tour

At Path’s office, which has a breathtaking view of San Francisco Bay, its executive team Dave, Matt, Nate as well as Paul from Highlight shared their vision for the future of the social web with the Kred Leaders. “Path’s customer and development philosophy comes from the two companies where the startup has its roots: Apple and its design focus, and Facebook’s “Hack and break things” philosophy,” said Matt Van Horn, VP of Business. “Its core focus is on family and people you care the most about.”

Highlight founder Paul Davison added to the discussion by sharing the vision for his hot app – place a little bit of information about ourselves in the ether so that people can instantly find things in common, be it authors they love or shared friends (just like the Things in Common’ click-through on the Kredentials). He noted that “customers are better than users,” which is also part of our philosophy at Kred and a big reason that many of our key features came from the ideas of our friends and colleagues.

Merging an insightful brainstorm session with a quick lunch break at Kred HQ, the leaders discussed the potential for selecting and supporting causes where the group could contribute by motivating their networks with the wide diversity of skills and talents. This was a very ‘influential’ room, with over 2 million total followers and an average Kred score over 825.

We were very excited when April Underwood, Michael Sippey and Jenna Sampson from Twitter stopped by for a thought-provoking session about how the platform could evolve. The Kred Leaders offered suggestions like community alerts (like the Amber Alerts for missing children), the ability to tag followers for group messaging, DMs to multiple users, mass unfollow and introducing more contextual data about people with whom you connect. The Twitter team told us that they are focused on making it easier to move great content in and out of Twitter. It’s easy to find anything you’re interested in, but only if you know what to search for. This is a big focus of the new #Discover section on the recently redesigned site.

Continue Reading →

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May 29-30: Join Kred Leaders In A Conversation About Influence For Social Change

Next Tuesday and Wednesday social media influencers are gathering from around the globe at San Francisco’s PeopleBrowsr Labs for the first-ever Kred Leaders Summit.  The group is uniting for a lively discussion about how social media can help everyone achieve personal, professional and charitable goals. And they want YOU to join in the conversation!

The two-day event on May 29th and 30th will take Kred Leaders on a unique tour much different than the usual Alcatraz and Fishermen’s Wharf itinerary, including visits to hot start-ups like Path and a meeting with Calfornia’s Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Speakers will include #YouMatter creator Angela founder Mark Horvath, global business celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett, HARO founder Peter Shankman, and Intel Social Media Strategist Ekaterina Walter.  A complete list of summit attendees is at the bottom of the post or click the Kred Leaders menu item above to see individual profiles of all the Leaders.

It’s easy to be part of the Kred Leaders Summit:

Follow along on Twitter

The summit opens on Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday May, 30 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 29, and the Kred Leaders will tweet out personal highlights.  Our panel will share best practices for activating their audience and their personal success stories for connecting influence with change.  Add your voice and ask questions by tweeting with hashtag #KredCrew.

Join our Wednesday night Tweet-Up

Be part of our live Tweet-Up from San Francisco’s Rex Hotel on May 30th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.  It promises to be a lively conversation about using social media to promote change.  To participate, tweet with the hashtag #KredCrew.

If you are in the San Francisco area, how about meeting us in person?  Tickets are strictlly limited and can be obtained at no charge at

Send us your questions in advance

What topics woud you like the Kred Leaders to address?  Tell us in advance via tweeting to @kred, posting on the Kred Facebook page or by sending us an email.

To get started now,  follow all of the Kred Leaders attending the summit and be part of the conversation:

[table id=16 /]

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Follow the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night with a Kred Influence and Outreach Leaderboard; Kred Leader Jessica Northey to live-tweet event

Country Music’s Party of the Year®, the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, is Sunday night and Kred will be there.  A Kred Influence and Outreach Leaderboard will track the evening’s top influencers and outreachers while Kred Leader Jessica Northey will tweet all the action live from the show in Las Vegas.

The ACM Kred Influence and Outreach Leaderboard displays top influencers and outreachers tweeting with the hashtags #ACMs, #ACMAs, #ACM, #ACMawards and #CMchat in real time.   @names get Influence Points whenever they are mentioned, retweeted or replied to with the hashtags, and are awarded Outreach Points when they mention, retweet or reply to others.  (Visit the FAQ for more details.)

Jessica is the Kred Leader for the Music Community, the founder of Country Music Chat and is always one of the first on Twitter with country music news and exclusive interviews. Follow her at @JessicaNorthey and join her Mondays at 9pm ET for Country Music Chat with the hashtag #CMchat.

The show, hosted by Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton, will be broadcast on Sunday, April 1st at 8pm live Eastern and tape-delayed in the Pacific time zone.  Highlights are sure to be appearances by many of country’s biggest stars, including Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Sara Evans, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Chris Young, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and Rascal Flatts.

We expect tweets to spike during one unique segment.  For the first time in ACM Awards history – and perhaps in the history of awards shows – a live wedding ceremony will take place onstage during Martina McBride and Pat Monahan’s duet of “Marry Me.”

Tune in Sunday night and tweet along with hashtags #ACMs, #ACMAs, #ACM, #ACMawards or #CMchat  to see if you can climb the leaderboard.

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Kred Leader Dr. Andy Baldwin leads ING Kids Rock in Washington DC; Leaderboard spotlights event participants

Kred Leader Dr. Andy Baldwin will be in Washington DC this Saturday for ING Kids Rock, and Kred is supporting the event with an Influence & Outreach Leaderboard to show influencers and spread the word about the event in real time.

ING Kids Rock is a run for students from kindergarten through seventh grade.  Its goal is to fight childhood obesity and help kids create healthy habits for life across America.  The students at Barnard Elementary School in northwest Washington have all pledged to run a marathon – over 26 miles – over several weeks by running as little as one mile at a time.

Kred has created an ING Kids Rock influence leaderboard at  The top 50 Influencers and Outreachers tweeting with the hashtags #ingkidsrun or #RnRUSA are at the top of the leaderboard, which updates in real time.  Kred is community based, and we love helping Community Leaders fulfill their community goals.

Dr. Baldwin is the national ambassador for the ING Run For Something Better®, a charitable initiative that promotes youth fitness and provides grants and funding for school-based running programs across the country.   People who wish to make a donation may purchase ING’s orange laces at  Follow Dr. Andy Baldwin at @drandybaldwin and ING Run For Something Better at @orangelaces.

Here is coverage of the kickoff of ING Kids Rock last year in San Antonio:


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