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How do You Rank on the Elite Kred Bloggers 2013 Leaderboard? Tweet to be on the Leaderboard, see how you rank and Get your Elite badge code.

At Kred we love Bloggers,

And we have created the Elite Kred Blogger 2013 Leaderboard to recognize the amazing work of the influencers in the blogging community.

 The Leaderboard displays a sample of influencers, this is Living List and we want to add more popular and niche bloggers based on your suggestions.

See how you rank in the blogging community and receive a special Elite Kred Blogger 2013 Badge to display on your blog.

Send us a Tweet to get on the Leaderboard

Here are some tips on how to add the badge to your blog


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Kred Elite Influencers Badge Code

Two weeks ago we awarded gold badges to our 1%, 5% and 10% top Elite influencers; many folks responded asking how they could get the snippet of code to place the badge on their social media profiles, blogs and email signatures.

We heard you and our design team has delivered. Today we are sending out badges to all of those who received the original elite influencers badge award.

We would love for you to share a link or a screen-grab once you add the badge to your site – we are collecting amazing blogs screenshots and we would be delighted to include yours.

UPDATE: We are including a brief tutorial below on how to use and get the most out of your HTML Elite Influencers badge code.

The first and most important thing is to make sure you copy and paste the entire snippet correctly.

Resizing your Badge 

Use the “style” attribute in the img tag (in bold) to resize it to whatever size you may want, as well as apply any other styles you desire. The width is adjustable. The height will stay fixed in proportion to whatever width you choose.

In the example below you will also need to replace name below with your twitter @name and your personalized badge will be created for you.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” style=”width:200px; border:0px;”/></a>

Here is a beginners tutorial on inline css styles:

Implementing the Badge Code on Blogs & Profiles

Blogs like WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot you have a couple options. If you would like to include the badge in an actual blog post itself, make sure you are in ‘HTML format or view” when you cut and paste the code. If you would like to add the badge to a blog sidebar, use the layout option on your blog. Select the HTML/Javascript option. Set your title and then paste the snippet of code and hit save. Your Badge should now appear in your blog sidebar.

In Tumblr, when creating the post- you want to make sure to click the HTML (edit HTML source), a window will pop-up and you simply paste the code snippet in and save.

If your email client supports and you have HTML on, you can add the badge code to your signature by simply pasting it in your email client’s settings area that manages signatures.

Gmail uses a Rich Text Editor for it’s signatures. As the embed badge code is provided in HTML, we suggest using a 3rd party tool. You can create your signature using a tool like WiseStamp, a signature plugin for Gmail and Google apps – which supports a ‘better’ HTML editor.  Once defined in the tool, simply copy the result from the ‘normal’ view, not the HTML view, and paste it into the Gmail signature edit box.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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Forbes Ranks World’s Billionaires; Who Has The Most Kred?

Forbes publishes an annual roundup of the world’s billionaires, a group that clearly carries a lot of influence from their wallets and important positions at large corporations. But what about their social media influence? Do they inspire action on social networks? To find out, we created our own list of the world’s billionaires sorted by Kred score.

Microsoft Co-Founder and Chairman Bill Gates leads all billionaires in social media influence with Kred of 990/4. He is joined by Eike Batista (981/7), the chairman of Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group, who is also the top billionaire outreacher. Other leaders include News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch (963/3) and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (896/1).

We’ve also given the members of this elite group Kred Moments (offline Kred) for their prestigious real-life achievements. Visit Kred’s World’s Billionaires leaderboard to view the full list, which updates in real time.



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Kred Recognizes Top Bloggers In News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities

To continue our Top Blogger series, we are announcing the Top 50 most influential bloggers in the News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities. The lists feature established tech blogs such as Engadget, popular news reporters such Nick Kristoff and personal fitness blogs like Carrots and Cake.  Each leaderboard is updated in real-time, so check back often to see which of your favorite bloggers are rising in the ranks. You can also directly follow bloggers from the leaderboard on Twitter, so chose your favorite communities and start adding some more great content to your Twitter stream.

Kred Communities are defined by interests you express through your Twitter Bio, the hashtags and keywords in your posts over the last 1,000 days, the people you follow and people following you. If you want to keep track of the other Top Blogger lists we have compiled so far, here they are: Social Media Bloggers, Mom Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Sports Bloggers, Shopping Bloggers, Music Bloggers, Film Bloggers, Photo Bloggers and CEO Bloggers.


What top blogger communities would you like us to highlight next? Let us know in the comments section.

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Kred Lists Influential Bloggers In Film, Photography, Shopping & Music Communities

We now have four more Top Blogger lists for your to explore: Top Film Bloggers, Top Photography Bloggers, Top Shopping Bloggers and Top Music Bloggers. Visit each leaderboard to discover new blogs, follow your favorites, and watch the top influencers change rank in real-time.

To create these top blogger lists, we sorted through our deep Datamine to identify the most influential people in each community. Kred Communities are defined by examining keywords in a person’s Twitter bio, social conversations, and social connections. Each blogger has expertise in their respective fields, but adds a personal touch to make their daily Tweets and blog posts worth following.

View the lists below:


Do you have suggestions for upcoming Top Blogger lists? Let us know in the comments section.

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International Kred: Who Are The Top 50 Bloggers in the Travel and Sports Communities?

Sports stories are dominating news coverage internationally as the Summer Olympics take flight, so we looked into the PeopleBrowsr Datamine to find the Top 50 Bloggers in the Sports Community.  Even though each person on the list has a focus, like college football or the NBA, they all are the first the share the latest sports news and analysis. The list includes well-known sports reporters from channels like ESPN, bloggers for teams like the Yankees, and people with traditional jobs who just want to share their passion for sports.

Staying true to the international theme, we are also releasing a list of the Top 50 bloggers in the Travel Community. Stay on top of their blog posts and Twitter streams to follow their exciting world travels.

If you are wondering how we calculate our Top Blogger lists, we highlight the top people in each community rather than by their global scores. Membership in a Kred Community is defined by keywords in a person’s Twitter bio, their social interactions, who they follow and who follows them.


View the live leaderboards for Top Sports Bloggers and Top Travel Bloggers, and follow your favorites.

Which sports blogs do you follow for Olympics coverage?

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Kred Recognizes Top 50 Bloggers in Mom Community

Up next in our Top Blogger roundups is the Mom Community. Everyone on this list is influential not only in social media and the blogosphere, but in their own families as well. They are generous with their parenting advice and love interacting with other mothers in the community. Some write for large parenting sites like Baby Center and Babble, while others have small personal blogs. Many blog about other passions as well, such as technology and photography. If you frequent these blogs, you will also be sure to pick up some great recipes and money-saving tips. View leaderboard, which is updated in real-time, here.

As always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section.



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Kred Honors Top 50 Bloggers in CEO Community

Continuing our series of recognizing top bloggers in each community, we’re moving on to the CEOs. This group of distinguished individuals includes leaders at various sizes and types of businesses, all passionate about guiding other entrepreneurs to great success. The list of Top 50 CEO Bloggers includes everyone from moms giving advice on how to split time between business and parenting to Fortune 500 CEOs such as Virgin’s Richard Branson. And they don’t only tweet and blog about business strategies- LeWeb’s Loic Le Meur is an esteemed kite surfer.

View the Top 50 list below, and as always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section:

[table id=18 /]

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Kred Honors Top Bloggers In Their Communities; See Our Top 50 Social Media Community Bloggers

Here at Kred, we love blogs and are always looking for the most influential ones.  This is why we are sifting through our extensive Datamine to find the top bloggers in each community.

To kick off this project, we sorted through the Social Media community to find the most influential people frequently blogging about their expertise.  The list includes everyone from owners of social media companies who blog on the side to people using social media on behalf of educational and charitable campaigns.  They all have Global Kred over 600 and are very generous with their Social Media advice. Look for the Top Social Media Blogger badge on your favorite blogs.

We’ve also showcased them on this Top Social Media Blogger Leaderboard.  The board updates in real-time so check back often to see how it changes.  And if you’re interested in Social Media, make sure to follow each of them all to stay ahead of the latest trends and thought leadership.

Is there someone you follow for the latest social media trends that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section.

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Kred’s 2012 Top 50 API Influencers List; Top spots go to noted social developers @joehewitt and @jkalucki

Key Facebook and Twitter developers lead our first-ever list of the Top 50 API Kred Influencers. We looked through 1,000 days of social data and interactions to find  the most mentioned, retweeted and replied to people on Twitter about software development and the latest innovations in programming.

To build the Top 50 list, Kred uncovered influential people from all corners of the development community, including well-known senior engineers from Zynga and Twitter as well as indie developers tweeting about the latest programming news.  API Influencers span the globe, residing in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, New Zealand. and even “Caliyorkistan” (as @Kev calls it).  We also found influential developers talking about plenty of other important topics, like @JonCrawford whose bio claims that he “loves a good API & a good IPA.”

To keep up on the fast-moving API development community, we encourage following and engaging with these important opinion shapers, all of whom have a Kred Influence score greater than 700.

We would love to see what the imaginations of the Top 50 API Influencers could create with the newly launched PeopleBrowsr Kred API, which lets developers tap into 1,000 days of indexed social conversations, find community influencers, and work with aggregated or author-based social metadata to build applications.  Companies like Mashable, and Rapportive have already deployed the PeopleBrowsr Kred API to create real-time leaderboards, generate infographics and add influence scores to web applications. Email us at, follow @kredapi for the latest news or drop by our developer site to learn more about  and get a key.

Who did we miss?  Are you on a Top 50 API Influencer?  Do you know a developer that influences you and belongs on this list? Let us know in the comment section: 

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