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How Kred Works – We love this [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thank you Shea Bennett and our friends at Mediabistro and AllTwitter for this great blogpost and infographic.


Kred is a measure of influence that was created by San Francisco-based social media company Peoplebrowsr to help identify influencers within interest-based communities.

Built on the principle that “we all have influence somewhere”, Kred was the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for influence and outreach, achieving this by valuing engagement and interaction over largely superficial metrics, such as follower count.

Check the infographic below for an overview of how Kred works, how to boost your score and how Kred can assist you in your own social media campaigns.” See this blogpost on Mediabistro.


How influential are you? Find out now on Kred


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PeopleBrowsr Helps Power 25 Million Mentions of The 55th GRAMMY Awards

Applying its Kred influencer marketing, Twitter gamification leaderboards and real-time conversation insights, PeopleBrowsr helped The 55th GRAMMYs set a record 24.8 million Twitter mentions for any TV event day of show.

With 28 million viewers watching the February 10 telecast and nearly 25 million mentions, The 55th GRAMMY Awards was the most watched and mentioned event in TV history. In just eight hours the GRAMMYs topped an entire year’s worth of mentions of brands like Nike, EBay, Microsoft, Sony, Pepsi and Ford!

This social virality fueled the second highest viewership of all time for The GRAMMYs. This years Twitter mentions during the telecast jumped 47% from 13M last year to 19.1M this year. The GRAMMYs Champion’s Playlist was the Social Media Influence hub of the event, creating interactions and showing top conversations in real time.

“PeopleBrowsr played a key role in driving engagement for the 55th GRAMMY Awards, as well as for our official marketing partners.”

Evan Greene, CMO, The GRAMMY Awards

We analyzed this vast amount of social data to share with you the top 5 Kings and Queens of the conversation contest amongst the nominees, the performers, the presenters and the fans.

The 55th GRAMMY Awards info-graphic highlights the top 55th GRAMMY social moments:

    1. Adele brought the coversartion up to 4.5 M mentions with her Best Pop Solo performance
    2. Franc Ocean won best Urban Contemporary album at the 5M mentions threshold
    3. The Bob Marley tribute was king of the second part of the evening, spiking the show close to 5M conversations
    4. Jack White and FUN. followed keeping the mentions up to 4M between 7PM and 8PM
    5. The most popular posts were for the Best Rap album winner Take Care and Best Traditional R&B performance “Love on Top”

Scott Milener, SVP at PeopleBrowsr and his team led the charge in supporting the GRAMMYs social media effort, giving them clear visibility on where, when and who they were engaging with throughout the entire broadcast.

“I am proud of the huge effort our team put in before, during and after the show in order to produce amazing results” says Scott. “The GRAMMYs is a dynamic TV event around top music artists reaching a massive global audience.  Our role was to reach this vast audience on social and get them to engage about the GRAMMYs in the weeks leading up to and during the event.”

PeopleBrowsr works with many brands on similar social influencer campaigns. Drop Scott a note at Scott at PeopleBrowsr dot com with your thoughts or questions.

What’s your GRAMMYs Kred score? Find out on!

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Kred Recognizes Top 50 Bloggers in Mom Community

Up next in our Top Blogger roundups is the Mom Community. Everyone on this list is influential not only in social media and the blogosphere, but in their own families as well. They are generous with their parenting advice and love interacting with other mothers in the community. Some write for large parenting sites like Baby Center and Babble, while others have small personal blogs. Many blog about other passions as well, such as technology and photography. If you frequent these blogs, you will also be sure to pick up some great recipes and money-saving tips. View leaderboard, which is updated in real-time, here.

As always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section.



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Kred Honors Top 50 Bloggers in CEO Community

Continuing our series of recognizing top bloggers in each community, we’re moving on to the CEOs. This group of distinguished individuals includes leaders at various sizes and types of businesses, all passionate about guiding other entrepreneurs to great success. The list of Top 50 CEO Bloggers includes everyone from moms giving advice on how to split time between business and parenting to Fortune 500 CEOs such as Virgin’s Richard Branson. And they don’t only tweet and blog about business strategies- LeWeb’s Loic Le Meur is an esteemed kite surfer.

View the Top 50 list below, and as always, let us know if you have any additions in the comments section:

[table id=18 /]

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Kred Honors Top Bloggers In Their Communities; See Our Top 50 Social Media Community Bloggers

Here at Kred, we love blogs and are always looking for the most influential ones.  This is why we are sifting through our extensive Datamine to find the top bloggers in each community.

To kick off this project, we sorted through the Social Media community to find the most influential people frequently blogging about their expertise.  The list includes everyone from owners of social media companies who blog on the side to people using social media on behalf of educational and charitable campaigns.  They all have Global Kred over 600 and are very generous with their Social Media advice. Look for the Top Social Media Blogger badge on your favorite blogs.

We’ve also showcased them on this Top Social Media Blogger Leaderboard.  The board updates in real-time so check back often to see how it changes.  And if you’re interested in Social Media, make sure to follow each of them all to stay ahead of the latest trends and thought leadership.

Is there someone you follow for the latest social media trends that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section.

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CEO Andrew Grill Talks Influence & How It Can Identify Prospective Employees

Kred CEO Andrew Grill recently spoke with the team at Identified, the recruitment tool and professional search engine, about using influence to enrich the job search process. Andrew gave insights into how a candidate’s influence and social media presence translates into the real world, and how Kred may be used to source and identify additional candidates.

You can read the full interview on Identified’s blog, or check out the excerpt below:

J: If I’m a candidate, and I want to get a job in a certain field, how can I use this Kred to my advantage?

A: One of the things we want to help people do with Kred is connect with like-minded people, and often these connections are professional. You can visit to find influential people in the communities where you are looking for a job, then follow and interact with them. A high Outreach score indicates that a person has a history of interacting with others in their community, so you can think of it as an indicator that someone is open to chatting and likely to respond.

J: How can recruiters use this tool to find job candidates? Can it be used for sourcing candidates, screening applicants, etc?

A: We would never recommend that an employee be selected based on a single metric.  Even so there is certainly a lot of public information that will be interesting to recruiters at  Kred is completely transparent, so anyone can see exactly what composes a candidate’s influence score and if their influence is rooted in something that is relevant to the position. If a recruiter knows a candidate’s Twitter handle, they can view their Kredentials and their recent interactions. Kredentials includes their influence and outreach scores, commonly used words and hashtags, and communities where they are most influential.

Recruiters can also identify and contact the top influencers in the communities they are targeting, a good method for meeting people and finding passive candidates.

J: For which types of positions would this tool work best? Would you be limited just to searching through communities, such as Marketing, Finance, and Architects?

A: It can work with any position. If someone is influential about something online, it’s likely they have real world wisdom as well or others would not be following and interacting with them.  Recruiters may also wish to consider using our Playground social analytics platform so they can search by relevant keywords like “Software engineer,” and then sort by Kred.


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Lucky Numbers: Top 7 Influencers Win On Social 7, On Channel 7

Click through to watch the show

The inaugural episode of KIRO7’s “Social 7” aired last night, featuring a Kred Events Leaderboard that tracked the most influential and outreaching people who were either on the show or viewing it. Over 2,000 people tweeted with the show’s hashtag as it aired, a big success for this locally produced show about trending topics, hot tech news and happenings in the Seattle area.

The show’s host, Jenni Hogan, is one of the country’s most influential local TV hosts according to Lost Remote with over 129K Facebook fans and 45K followers on Twitter.

“Social 7” is innovative because viewer participation drives the show; the name, content, and even time slot were selected by their social media audience. Throughout the hour, Jenni prompted Twitter chatter by asking questions like “Do you like when your friends use an app to track your location?” and “How old should kids be to use Facebook?” and asked people to answer using the hashtag #Social7.

A Kred Leaderboard, sponsored by Little Creek Casino, prominently displayed the top Tweeters interacting with the hashtag. The sponsor made the show into a social game by giving away prizes to the people with the top 7 outreach scores. Winners like @HughL, @Birdiee and @rorymartin received prizes including concert tickets, a round of golf, and spa packages.

Social media allows anyone to experience TV in a new way by actually connecting with the shows. The ability to see what your friends are saying in real time adds a whole new level to the interaction.

If you are in Seattle and want to tune in, there are three more shows planned for this summer. After that, it will be left up to the audience, so be sure to support “Social 7” with your tweets! You can check out the whole episode here. Fast forward to 7 or 44 minutes in to see the the Kred Leaderboard, and 53 minutes if you want to see the winners announced.

What other TV shows do you think should “go social”? Let us know in the comments section!

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Kred CEO Andrew Grill speaks at Guardian Changing Media Summit

Kred and Andrew Grill were feature attractions at the Guardian Changing Media Summit.  Here is a brief video of Andrew taling about Kred in his session on March 22:


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Jeffrey Hayzlett talks Kred on Mashable and Fox Business

Here are two great new clips of Jeffrey Hayzlett, Global Business Celebrity and author of Running The Gauntlet: Essential Business Lessons To Lead, Drive Change and Grow Profits, talking about Kred.

In this episode of Mashable’s Behind The Brand, How To Defeat The Social Media Skeptics, Jeffrey discusses how Kred helps brands focus on messaging the right people with the right message.

Last Friday, Jeffrey appeared on Fox Business’s Cavuto to talk about the importance of keeping your brand promises.  At the 3:40 mark, he talks about how President Obama’s Kred and message impact varies across communities.

[youtube width="500"][/youtube]

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Kred Connects with KIRO’s Jenni Hogan to Usher in New Standard of Social TV

Kred partnered with Seattle’s KIRO-TV on its new social media show, Connect with Jenni Hogan.

The program, which focuses on “inspiring and educating viewers about the benefits of connecting online,” is supported by a Kred Leaderboard showing the most influential and generous people engaged in the social media conversation around the show.

UPDATE: The full one hour pre-show and premiere show can now be viewed below or via this link.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with Jenni – the US’s most followed local TV personality  - during the show through Twitter with the hashtag #KIROConnect.   The Kred Influence Leaderboard tracks these interactions, creates community among the show’s audience, and identify its most influential members for the Connect production team.  Producers will use trending topics and viewer comments to help determine which direction the show takes.

The Kred Influence and Outreach Leaderboard updates in real time to reveal the top influencers and outreachers using the #KIROconnect hashtag.   Users of the hashtag receive Influence Points every time they are mentioned, retweeted or replied to, while they are awarded Outreach Points when they mention, retweet or reply to others.  (Visit the FAQ for more details.)

Connect‘s goal is a new standard for social TV engagement.  As the show’s Producer Paul Balcerak writes, “We’ve always built our programming around what our viewers say is important to them, and now we have the ability to know what’s important to them right now.”  The Leaderboard plays a crucial part in the relationship by identifying the voices most engaged with the show’s content and audience.

Connect premieres tonight at 10:00pm Pacific Time.  You can view a pre-show live stream at and then watch the show on Seattle’s Channel 7 at 10:30.   Featured guests include Kred’s own Porter Gale, Ben Huh of The Cheezburger Network, Melrose Place star Josie Bissett, Banyan Branch President Blake Cahill, oPirq CEO James Sun, and Miss Seattle 2012 Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn.

To connect with Jenni Hogan, tweet to @KIRO7Seattle and @jennihogan with the #KIROConnect hashtag, visit her personal site or like her Facebook fan page.

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