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Kred Set To Appear At The Pivot Conference 2012

Brian Solis’s Pivot Conference 2012 opens tomorrow in New York and Kred will be there in force.

Pivot’s Kred Events leaderboard will be displayed in the confeence’s main session room on two screens stationed on either side of the stage.  (It’s also posted online at If you’re an attendee or planning to interface with its thought leaders from afar, simply reply, retweet or mention others with the hashtags #pivotcon or #MakeThePivot in your tweet to have a chance to make the Top 50 Most Influential folks at Pivot.  The leaderboards will visible throughout Pivot and at major Social Week events across New York City.

For those on hand, Kred CEO Andrew Grill will lead a lunchtime workshop that you won’t want to miss: From “Likes” to Social Influence: How To Drive Action.  His talk takes place at 12:45 pm, so grab some eats and come here the latest in thought on social influence.  Here is a brief description of Andrew’s session, and we’ll be sure to post the slides and video when they come available:

The rise of socially influential online content and individuals is transforming brand marketing. As trust declines in paid sources like celebrities and bloggers, it’s now mandatory to activate ‘everyday heroes’ who influence their networks about their passions. In this session, you’ll learn why influence now matters to consumers and  best practices that generate mentions and tangible, measurable results.

We will have a booth in the conference lobby as well, so please drop by to check out our latest product offerings and meet the team.

Here is a brief video overview of this exciting event.  See you there!

[youtube 2JF148pblr0]


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Arktan SocialStreams Integrates Kred to Sort Chatter About TV, Music and Events; Highlights Influential Fans and Celebrities

Kred is now venturing into the entertainment industry. Social curation platform Arktan is integrating the Kred influence measure into its SocialStreams product, which companies like Universal Music Group and USA Network use to stream live social conversations from Twitter and Facebook to brand and artist websites.

This marks the first time a social curation platform has utilized a social influence measure to rank content according to the influence of the poster.  Social media managers will now be able to sort these social streams so the most influential people are highlighted whenthen engage  in conversations about a TV show, concert, conference or other event. If someone with high Kred influence is tweeting about their favorite contestant (or an act they can’t stand) on The X Factor, SocialStream users will instantly see what they had to say. Influential Lady Gaga fans who tweet often about her music as a result will be more prominent on her website.

SocialStreams powers many Social TV second-screen experiences for popular TV shows, including The X Factor USA and Dancing With the Stars.  Brands like The Washington Post and WWE also rely on SocialStreams to create the best Social Music, Social News, and Social Sports experiences on their sites.

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Kred for CRM™ Brings Social Influence to Customer Relationship Management

Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) lets users leverage social media for insights and enhance their customer relationship strategy. Now Kred is at the forefront of Social CRM with the announcement of Kred for CRM™, debuting today as an app available on the AppExchange.

Kred for CRM enables Salesforce users to identify the most trusted and generous people on social networks talking about their brand and who are also the most likely to spread the word about their products or services. Users can also identify influential contacts who have relationships with key prospects. These contacts can be imported directly into

Another benefit is the ability to prioritize response based on brand loyalty, ensuring strong relationships with a brand’s most avid supporters. With Kred for CRM, fans and followers are turned into customers and advocates.

Kred for CRM is a result of Kred’s partnership with Cadalys, a leading Implementation Consulting Partner. This is an invaluable collaboration for everyone. Salesforce users will now have the ability to prioritize their workload and identify important leads, while Kred has the chance to work with the leading CRM platform and make influence measurement an essential tool for sales, marketing and customers service.


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Introducing the PeopleBrowsr Kred API; Find influencers in 1,200 days of social data

Today we are announcing a new API offering to give developers and social media teams the ability to find influencers on any keyword or subject based on deep, public social data.

The PeopleBrowsr Kred API grants access to PeopleBrowsr’s filtered and indexed Datamine of hundreds of billions of social media conversations from the full Twitter firehose since 2008, public Facebook posts, 40 million blogs and forums, and other sources.  The API pinpoints people discussing any topic by their keywords, hashtags, bio, interactions, location or community.  User influence is scored with Kred, PeopleBrowsr’s exclusive measure for finding influential people in communities connected by common interests.

Each API and class has simple pricing options depending on whether you need access to the last 60 days of social data or the complete Datamine of over 1,200 days.  We also offer discounts for high volume customers and early stage companies.

Drop by the PeopleBrowsr Developer Site, follow @kredapi or mail us at to learn more about the capabilities of the PeopleBrowsr Kred, see examples of calls, and sign in for a key to start making!    

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Kred Events creates community in the workplace; Social@Ogilvy increases team social media participation by adding gamification to its New York and London offices

Social@Ogilvy helped us launch the Kred Events Leaderboard at Social Media Week 2012. Directly inspired by Ogilvy’s ideas and recommendations, we developed the Leaderboards to crystallize like-minded communities in real time, identify their most influential people, and create opportunities for everyone to participate.  Since then Kred Events Leaderboards have been used for real and virtual communities like  conferences, charity events, television audiences, and special events like the Oscars and Academy of Country Music Awards (which was inspired by Kred Leader @JessicaNorthey).

Social@Ogilvy is now taking this idea a step further by showing that Influence Leaderboards are for more than events.  The agency has redefined its workplace as a Community of Influencers and Outreachers by creating leaderboards for its London and New York offices.

There are several reasons Ogilvy wanted the leaderboards.  First, it’s an opportunity to wear their social credentials very publicly to show potential and current clients that they ‘get’ social.  More importantly, the leaderboards get the Social@Ogilvy team ‘eating its own dog food’ by incentivizing social media usage.  The goal is to increase the percentage of the team actively using Twitter from 5% to 25%.   Team members with the most improved Kred receive monthly prizes, and the year’s biggest score increase will earn a trip to SXSW 2013.

This is a great example of how Kred Events creates engagement by defining community and adding game play.  By incentivizing its entire team to participate, Ogilvy will benefit from greater internal interaction and increased engagement with the agency’s peers, colleagues and friends.

How could your workplace or group use a Kred Leaderboard?  Let us know in the comments

Click through to visit the New York Social@Ogilvy Kred Events Leaderboard


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Kred integration in Playground

Kred influence and outreach measurement is now integrated into Playground, PeopleBrowsr’s social analytics platform. Playground users can now instantly identify people with high influence within interest-based communities, by location and more.

Playground is now the first end-to-end social analytics platform to build in influence measurement based on 1,000 days of collective intelligence.

Here are two ways that Kred is now part of Playground, with more to come:

One-Click Kredentials

A Kred badge is now placed next to every @name in the Engagement and Search applications. When clicked, the Kredentials window opens to reveal a full profile of that person drawn from our 1,000 day Datamine of posts. With a single click, Kredentials sifts through billions of tweets to gather essential information including their Kred score, Top Communities, Followers, Mention Count, Frequently Use Hashtags, Most Mentioned @Names and a word cloud of their most used keywords.

Kred Integration in PeopleBrowsr's Playground Engagement Center

On-The-Fly Kred Influence Filtering

Kred power is now integrated into Playground’s filter rules. Along with the ability to target by gender, sentiment, links and urgency, people mentioning a keyword can be filtered by their Kred Influence or Outreach Level. Use this feature to instantly pinpoint people talking about your brand or product with high influence.

Kred Filtering in PeopleBrowsr's Playground Search

Kred in Playground helps you engage with your true target audience and with the people that matter most. Best of all, it’s available to all our customers at no extra cost.  Log on today for a 14-day free trial!

For more information, tweet us at @peoplebrowsr or mail to

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