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How Kred Works – We love this [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thank you Shea Bennett and our friends at Mediabistro and AllTwitter for this great blogpost and infographic.


Kred is a measure of influence that was created by San Francisco-based social media company Peoplebrowsr to help identify influencers within interest-based communities.

Built on the principle that “we all have influence somewhere”, Kred was the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for influence and outreach, achieving this by valuing engagement and interaction over largely superficial metrics, such as follower count.

Check the infographic below for an overview of how Kred works, how to boost your score and how Kred can assist you in your own social media campaigns.” See this blogpost on Mediabistro.


How influential are you? Find out now on Kred


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Kred resonates at Under the Influence 13 – San Francisco

You don’t have to have a twitter account to understand that influence is a hot topic not only for consumers, but also for advertisers.

On the second day of ad:tech San Francisco, PeopleBrowsr Kred CEO, Jodee Rich (@wingdue) presented at the Under the Influence conference.

He joined other great speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bonin Bough, Brian Solis and Chris Anderson as part of the Spark Of Genius segment to speak about Kred’s view and vision on influence.

As at all Kred supported conferences, we set up a real-time leaderboard to allow those at #influence13SF to interact with Jodee and his talk, as well as other participants. Jodee tried a social experiment, and offered $20 flash cash to those who could answer his questions, as well as those who appeared at the top of the leaderboard.


You can view Jodee’s slides presented below.

Jodee also demonstrated the new Kred For Brands product that we launched at our London Influencer event last month. The feedback on the product in both London and San Francisco has been very positive, as it allows a brand or an agency to directly query the 500 million profiles in the Kred database and look for influencers according to a wide range of parameters.

Liam Rose who was in the audience definitely thinks Kred has influence sorted out.

A demonstration of Kred for Brands can be found at and if you would like more information, please contact us.

Below are just some of the tweets from the event during Jodee’s presentation.






At Kred, we’re just getting started on the next iteration of influencer identification. Stay tuned to the blog for our latest news.

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Brand Managers, Kred for Brands is here


Brand managers have inspired us to create and optimize the Kred Platform, and for them we have created Kred for Brands

“Kred for Brands allows brand managers and strategists to identify, prioritize, and engage their most valuable influencers”
Jodee Rich, PeopleBrowsr Kred CEO

It’s for brand managers that Kred is:

Transparent – Brands want to see how influence is built and what generates the score
Community Based – Brands need to reach out to influencers in specific domains and netowrks
Double score for Influence and Outreach - Brands expressed to us that it’s important for them to know how much people are active in the community and how much they inspire action in others 

Brand Managers inspired us to create:

Kred Rewards - to recognize influencers and community leaders
Leaderboards - to explore influence ranking by location, community, event
Brand Health Reports - deep analytics to study social media presences, do strategic competitive research and optimize interactions.

Kred for brands sums up all the good work that Brand Managers have done with us to optimize the Kred platform. Thank you.

It is a visual analysis of a Brand social media presence: it gathers unmatched intelligence about competitors, fans and followers

It helps discover actionable insights: Interests, Influence, Demographics, Behavior: it digs deep in the hundreds of millions of social profiles in the PeopleBrowsr

It helps identify and engage key influencers on Twitter and Facebook to create successful word of mouth campaigns: it filters lists of influencers based on interest, network, connections, for brands to engage with the most effective brand advocates and community leaders, learn about them and activate their communities and increase social media ROI.

Are you a Brand Manager? Do you use social influence to optimize your campaigns?

Please let us know in the comments!

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Kred storms London with our next Influencer Summit – launches Kred for Brands

On Wednesday 27th March, Kred welcomed over 200 of London’s most influential to the impressive May Fair Hotel in the West End to our Influencer Summit.

We also had representatives from brands such as Dell, Visa and ITV in attendance.

Our first Influencer Summit held in New York in February was a resounding success, and London was even more popular judging by the tweets of those attending – a selection of the more than 1200 tweets about #KredLDN are shown below



After a drinks reception, guests were taken to the 200 seat cinema at the May Fair to hear Kred CEO Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill) unveil our new Kred for Brands product, where he provided attendees with a live demonstration – which met with overwhelming approval.



Andrew also outlined our new KredNet platform, as well as the work we are doing around Social CRM and also our Social Simulator tool.


The consensus from the audience and from the tweets that followed is that Kred is most definitely not a “me too” influencer platform – and is instead a company with a robust platform, vision and roadmap for where influence is heading.

We also welcomed Garry J. Nix (@Mr_McFly) who was the winner of a trip to London awarded at our New York Event, and we held an informative Q&A session with Gary talking about his experience with Kred and other platforms to find influencers.


The other comments about the event centered around Kred’s ability to literally bring key top influencers together.


You can see more pictures of the event below, as well as other coverage from attendees, such as Rachel Miller (@allthingsic), Neville Hobson (@jangles), Dan Naylor (@dan_naylor) and Thomas Kilroy (@mykitchensync), as well as this great summary from the folks at Eventifier.

Gary announced that the London Winner of the trip to our next US Influencer Summit is Karen Fewell (@digitalblonde).


Keep following @Kred for news of our next Influencer Summit, to be held on the west coast in the coming months – they are becoming a “must not miss” event for those in the industry and our Kred community.

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PeopleBrowsr Helps Power 25 Million Mentions of The 55th GRAMMY Awards

Applying its Kred influencer marketing, Twitter gamification leaderboards and real-time conversation insights, PeopleBrowsr helped The 55th GRAMMYs set a record 24.8 million Twitter mentions for any TV event day of show.

With 28 million viewers watching the February 10 telecast and nearly 25 million mentions, The 55th GRAMMY Awards was the most watched and mentioned event in TV history. In just eight hours the GRAMMYs topped an entire year’s worth of mentions of brands like Nike, EBay, Microsoft, Sony, Pepsi and Ford!

This social virality fueled the second highest viewership of all time for The GRAMMYs. This years Twitter mentions during the telecast jumped 47% from 13M last year to 19.1M this year. The GRAMMYs Champion’s Playlist was the Social Media Influence hub of the event, creating interactions and showing top conversations in real time.

“PeopleBrowsr played a key role in driving engagement for the 55th GRAMMY Awards, as well as for our official marketing partners.”

Evan Greene, CMO, The GRAMMY Awards

We analyzed this vast amount of social data to share with you the top 5 Kings and Queens of the conversation contest amongst the nominees, the performers, the presenters and the fans.

The 55th GRAMMY Awards info-graphic highlights the top 55th GRAMMY social moments:

    1. Adele brought the coversartion up to 4.5 M mentions with her Best Pop Solo performance
    2. Franc Ocean won best Urban Contemporary album at the 5M mentions threshold
    3. The Bob Marley tribute was king of the second part of the evening, spiking the show close to 5M conversations
    4. Jack White and FUN. followed keeping the mentions up to 4M between 7PM and 8PM
    5. The most popular posts were for the Best Rap album winner Take Care and Best Traditional R&B performance “Love on Top”

Scott Milener, SVP at PeopleBrowsr and his team led the charge in supporting the GRAMMYs social media effort, giving them clear visibility on where, when and who they were engaging with throughout the entire broadcast.

“I am proud of the huge effort our team put in before, during and after the show in order to produce amazing results” says Scott. “The GRAMMYs is a dynamic TV event around top music artists reaching a massive global audience.  Our role was to reach this vast audience on social and get them to engage about the GRAMMYs in the weeks leading up to and during the event.”

PeopleBrowsr works with many brands on similar social influencer campaigns. Drop Scott a note at Scott at PeopleBrowsr dot com with your thoughts or questions.

What’s your GRAMMYs Kred score? Find out on!

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Thank You Kred New York Influencers

On Wednesday February 6th, we held our first Influencers Summit in New York.

In order to be invited, NY Influencers had to have a high Kred score and be based in New York. We also invited key influencers from agencies and brands in NY.

We had over 400 RSVPs and more than 220 NY influencers attend the event, having sold-out the week before leaving many on the waitlist.

We cannot thank our Kred friends enough for coming out to meet the team and each other. Below are some pictures from the event.

Besides the fabulous setting of the Crosby Hotel with food and drink, attendees were given VIP treatment in being the first to learn about several new products, the company roadmap and the announcement of PeopleBrowsr’s acquisition of Swaylo.

With Swaylo, Kred becomes the largest influencer platform with 500 mill profiles across Twitter and Facebook.

At Kred we also listen to influencers as to what they would like to see as Kred continues to evolve and shape consumer behavior. We heard you loud and clear and agree that Tumblr should…and will be integrated into Kred by the end of the month. As of this post, Tumblr has over 93.3 million blogs and more than 42.8 billion total posts, that is an incredible amount of influence and outreach to be had.

The packed crowd was split into two sessions held in the cozy cinema. The Kred team on stage included @AndrewGrill, @sabrinariddle, @traviswallis, @sfmrclean and @wingdude. Presentations included many of our new products including Kred for Brands, Kred for Education and KredNet. KredNet,  a message graph intelligence platform, was of great interest to the audience.

Designed to answer questions like “Who can I rely on?  What have they done for me? What is my purpose?  and Why I am awesome?” KredNet is next generation social scoring.

The audience was asked to tweet to be considered as early beta-testers of these fantastic new products, it was a blast watching the event hashtag #kredny become a trending topic in New York, right there above #Bob Marley’s Birthday.

Feedback from the attendees was that Kred is becoming the dominant player in the space – taking the lead in the measurement of influence.

Attendees and others in the twitter stream who couldn’t make the event in person had a ton of fun competing for influence on the real-time Kred NY Leader Influence Board. We make this a regular activity at events to keep engagements between the real world audience and those in their virtual spaces.

PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich summed up the evening best when he said “Kred Story was the first manifestation of ‘What interesting things can you do with your Kred score?’ because the score in itself is not what this is about…this is about changing human behavior by giving humans, enterprise, and business really interesting insights.”

We are excited that this exclusive VIP Kred Reward is going global. Next month we will be running a Kred London Influencer Summit on Wednesday March 27th. We are even more excited and pleased to announce that the Kred Star selected to win the trip to the London Influencers Summit is Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly).

Congratulations Gary! We look forward to meeting you in London at the London influencer summit.

Our second Kred Star will be recognized at the London Influencers Summit and will be awarded a trip to the next Kred Influencers Summit in the US.

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