Thank You Kred New York Influencers

On Wednesday February 6th, we held our first Influencers Summit in New York.

In order to be invited, NY Influencers had to have a high Kred score and be based in New York. We also invited key influencers from agencies and brands in NY.

We had over 400 RSVPs and more than 220 NY influencers attend the event, having sold-out the week before leaving many on the waitlist.

We cannot thank our Kred friends enough for coming out to meet the team and each other. Below are some pictures from the event.

Besides the fabulous setting of the Crosby Hotel with food and drink, attendees were given VIP treatment in being the first to learn about several new products, the company roadmap and the announcement of PeopleBrowsr’s acquisition of Swaylo.

With Swaylo, Kred becomes the largest influencer platform with 500 mill profiles across Twitter and Facebook.

At Kred we also listen to influencers as to what they would like to see as Kred continues to evolve and shape consumer behavior. We heard you loud and clear and agree that Tumblr should…and will be integrated into Kred by the end of the month. As of this post, Tumblr has over 93.3 million blogs and more than 42.8 billion total posts, that is an incredible amount of influence and outreach to be had.

The packed crowd was split into two sessions held in the cozy cinema. The Kred team on stage included @AndrewGrill, @sabrinariddle, @traviswallis, @sfmrclean and @wingdude. Presentations included many of our new products including Kred for Brands, Kred for Education and KredNet. KredNet,  a message graph intelligence platform, was of great interest to the audience.

Designed to answer questions like “Who can I rely on?  What have they done for me? What is my purpose?  and Why I am awesome?” KredNet is next generation social scoring.

The audience was asked to tweet to be considered as early beta-testers of these fantastic new products, it was a blast watching the event hashtag #kredny become a trending topic in New York, right there above #Bob Marley’s Birthday.

Feedback from the attendees was that Kred is becoming the dominant player in the space – taking the lead in the measurement of influence.

Attendees and others in the twitter stream who couldn’t make the event in person had a ton of fun competing for influence on the real-time Kred NY Leader Influence Board. We make this a regular activity at events to keep engagements between the real world audience and those in their virtual spaces.

PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich summed up the evening best when he said “Kred Story was the first manifestation of ‘What interesting things can you do with your Kred score?’ because the score in itself is not what this is about…this is about changing human behavior by giving humans, enterprise, and business really interesting insights.”

We are excited that this exclusive VIP Kred Reward is going global. Next month we will be running a Kred London Influencer Summit on Wednesday March 27th. We are even more excited and pleased to announce that the Kred Star selected to win the trip to the London Influencers Summit is Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly).

Congratulations Gary! We look forward to meeting you in London at the London influencer summit.

Our second Kred Star will be recognized at the London Influencers Summit and will be awarded a trip to the next Kred Influencers Summit in the US.

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