Kred Recognizes Elite Social Media Influencers

At Kred we love influencers and we love the Social Media Community.

A couple of weeks ago we shared Kred Elite Influencer badges with top influencers the Global Kred community. We have been amazed by the comments and reactions from our top influencers. Thank you!

This week we are sharing the Kred love with top influencers in the Social Media Community. We love you. Your Social Media Influence score is derived from queries that combine keywords, hashtags, Twitter bios and conversations within the community formed around social media.

Your Global influence score might be higher than your Influence in a specific community – this is because, every time anyone talks to you, you gain global influence and only when people in a specific community talk to to you, you gain community influence. Only 1% of the people in the social media community have a score of 400 or above.

The Kred Elite Influencer badges allow identification of the most trusted people in their areas of interest, their profession and engagement in social media streams. Our real-time algorithm and metadata created from 0ver 1,000 days of posts allows us to pinpoint these particular influencers.

Check out our recent post explaining the benefits of your Kred Score – “How Being a Kred Influencer Can Be Very Rewarding”.

Now go forth and spread the Kred.

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