SocialBro Buddies Up to Kred

Kred is now part of the SocialBro‘s beautiful dashboard for managing communities on Twitter. Starting today, you can use SocialBro to pinpoint relevant, influential people from queries combing keywords, hashtags or Twitter bios with a specified level of Kred influence.  All this at no extra charge to current users of SocialBro’s premium plans.

SocialBro clients can browse their unique Twitter communities to see the Kred Influence and Kred Outreach scores of all their members, allowing identification of the most trusted and engaged people using their important keywords among their followers or throughout the Twittersphere.  New people can also be added to the community based on their influence as determined by Kred’s real-time algorithm and metadata created from 1,400 days of Twitter posts.

The integration of Kred with SocialBro is another great example of the powerful intelligence that influence measurement gives social media marketers for managing their communities.  We are really excited to see the imaginative implementation of Kred into SocialBro’s dashboard.  We think that social app developers are just starting to tap the power of influence to produce powerful, unique capabilities for their end users –and we can’t wait to see the future!

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