Kred Story Shows Big Bird Flying Over Romney and Obama

More fun facts from Wednesday night:

During the 90-minute debate, there were 10.4 million tweets mentioning Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or the debate.  Twitter says this is the most tweets ever for a US political event

During the debate, there were 29,677 tweets specifically mentioning Obama and “win OR winner, while  Romney picked up 47,141.

Twitter activity was highest between 9:48 and 9:58 pm EDT, peaking at 9:53, during a discussion about health insurance and regulation. The second largest peak was at 9:28 pm EDT, just after Romney suggested cutting funding to PBS despite the fact that he loves Big Bird.

Peak mentions of Romney occurred at 9:53 pm EDT during the health insurance discussion. Peak mentions of Obama came at 10:01 pm EDT during a discussion about Obamacare and Romney’s healthcare record in Massachusetts.

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