Kred Story Shows Big Bird Flying Over Romney and Obama

KredStory is a great way to see all the social media action around big events, like key US political events.  At Wednesday night’s first US presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the most memorable character turned out to be an 8-foot tall yellow feathered icon whose best friend lives in a garbage can.  

Kred Story was a great way to see this trending topic arise in real time after Mr. Romney said he would end support for Big Bird’s television home, PBS.

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Big Bird

One of the night’s most popular tweets included this reaction from the beloved Sesame Street star.

Big Bird is infrequently mentioned on Twitter, but the debate sent fans into high gear.

The #BigBird hashtag was most used in traditional Democratic strongholds.

Barack Obama

The President has one of Kred’s top influence scores and is one of the world’s most followed accounts.

He is consistently one of the world’s most mentioned people, with spikes around big news events.

These states are the ones that most frequently mention, retweet and reply to @BarackObama.

Mitt Romney

Governor Romney also has one of the world’s strongest social media influence scores.

The Governor is also frequently mentioned. During the debate, his mentions nearly equaled Obama’s.

The states where Mr. Romney is most influential contrasts with Mr. Obama’s top locations.

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