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Andrew Grill Kred Story

Social influence is an essential part of your real-life identity, so we are very excited to announcing that we are teaming  with to integrate Kred scores into their beautiful, free personal profile pages.

We love services that allow you meet and connect with other like minded people. creates dynamic visual home pages all about you and your interests. is a fantastic way to let people learn more about you by showcasing your personal brand and displaying your social network accounts and connections in one place.

The new Kred Story app reveals another layer of your digital presence by showing a visual stream of your most influential social media activity on your personal home page.  Visitors can view the communities where you are most influential and the people you interact with most frequently, just for starters.  They can also see your Kred score, recent tweets, and the people who most often mention you on Twitter sorted by Kred score.

Andrew Grill Kredentials

Visitors can also open your Kredentials, a one-click summary of your social media presence, including your most used words, hashtags and links.  This allows someone to instantly see what they have in common with you.

Get your personal digital hub by signing up at their home page, then add the Kred Story app from the Apps menu at right.   Create yours and then show off the URL for your page in the comments below.

You can see how the page looks for our CEO Andrew Grill on his page as well as API Director Travis Wallis at


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