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Today we are launching a new way of seeing social influence that is different than anything we – or any social analytics company – have ever done before.  Kred Story displays a personal, visual stream of your social media history that makes it easy to understand your influence.

This is a huge step for social analytics.  Our mission in creating Kred Story is to give everyone access to social data in way that is intuitive, meaningful and fun.  Kred Story moves the conversation about influence away from numbers and data to bring it back to the best thing about social media: the ability to connect with people who have things in common and shared passions.

Visit Kred Story to view the posts, pictures, links and achievements that build your Kred.  Entering your name (or anyone’s) opens a 1,200 day social media stream. You can view your entire forest of influence from 50,000 feet or zoom in to explore individual trees like your most popular posts, frequently used words and the people you interact with.

You can also explore social streams from friends, favorite brands and popular publications. Entering an @name like @CNN, @Wired or @BoingBoing produces a scannable overview of their most influential content.   You can also enter any hashtag to see who’s talking about an event, TV show, movie or any trending topic.  The most popular posts that people have interacted with most float to the top.

Kred Story makes it easy to find like-minded people that share your interests. Click on any box – like Frequently Used Hashtags or an interesting tweet – to view Twitter bios of people who have tweeted that content and follow people straight from there.

We gave a sneak preview to select influencers like Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Robert Scoble and Interscope Records’ Lee Hammond, who they were very impressed with how Kred Story’s moves social influence beyond numbers and data. HARO’s Peter Shankman was especially impressed:

“Kred Story adds a whole new dimension of resonance and relevancy to social media interactions, said Robert Scoble, Startup Liaision Officer, Rackspace.  “We’re now moving beyond scores and data to a point where people can easily find each other by their passions and what they have in common.”

Check out an overview of Brian Solis’s Kred Story below. And then learn about your own Kred Story by visiting

Brian Solis Kred Story – August 2012 from Kred by PeopleBrowsr on Vimeo.

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