Mohawks and Aliens Vie With Olympic Coverage on Twitter

While Olympic coverage may be dominating the media this week, the Curiosity Landing went above and beyond by tweeting from somewhere even Usain Bolt can’t get to: outer space. Even if the tweets wasn’t technically from Mars, the official @MarsCuriosity Twitter handle has created enough excitement to have its Kred rocket to 980/6 and be followed by over 700,000 people. Its first tweet from the surface of Mars was retweeted over 50k times as of August 7:

Overall, there were 1.25 million tweets about Mars Curiosity on its first day on Mars. One of the most popular topics wasn’t even about the landing itself. Bobak Ferdowsi (@TweetsOutLoud), the Flight Director on the Mars Curiosity mission, launched into the public spotlight with his red, blue and yellow-starred mohawk.  Bobak’s Kred Influence rocketed from 738 to 776 overnight as the mission launched him from a handful of follwers to 26k people following his Curiosity chronicles.   (We’re also told his mohawk style changes with every mission).

Ferdowsi isn’t the only celebrity tweeting about Curiosity.  Other people with serious Kred like Khloe Kardashian (Kred 999/8), Richard Branson (986/6) and Kreayshawn (995/9) were just a few of the celebrities tweeting about the landing, Mars and even aliens:

Did you pay more attention to the Mars Curiousity mission because of all the activity on Twitter?

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