Kred Recognizes Top Bloggers In News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities

To continue our Top Blogger series, we are announcing the Top 50 most influential bloggers in the News, Fitness, Tech & Marketing Communities. The lists feature established tech blogs such as Engadget, popular news reporters such Nick Kristoff and personal fitness blogs like Carrots and Cake.  Each leaderboard is updated in real-time, so check back often to see which of your favorite bloggers are rising in the ranks. You can also directly follow bloggers from the leaderboard on Twitter, so chose your favorite communities and start adding some more great content to your Twitter stream.

Kred Communities are defined by interests you express through your Twitter Bio, the hashtags and keywords in your posts over the last 1,000 days, the people you follow and people following you. If you want to keep track of the other Top Blogger lists we have compiled so far, here they are: Social Media Bloggers, Mom Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Sports Bloggers, Shopping Bloggers, Music Bloggers, Film Bloggers, Photo Bloggers and CEO Bloggers.


What top blogger communities would you like us to highlight next? Let us know in the comments section.

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