Millions Tweeting About Olympics; #LochteNation and #NBCFail Quickly Spreading

The 2012 London Olympics are in full swing and people are tweeting about it all over the world. During the live Opening Ceremony in London, there were over 143k tweets with the hashtags #Olympics, #London2012, #IOC and #OpeningCeremony. When the program aired in the USA hours later on tape delay, 82k tweets included the hashtags. In total for the first day of the Olympics, these hashtags were mentioned over 180,000 times.

Even though more tweets were sent during the live ceremony, the USA is the country doing the most tweeting about the Olympics overall. Since the start of the Olympics, tweeters that give a US location in their Twitter bio have used the hashtags #Olympics, #London2012 and #IOC over 497k times. The UK is in second with 403k mentions, and Australia and Canada tied for third with 65k. Want to see where you rank? We have a live leaderboard set up tracking Olympic tweeting, so you can see who the top influencers are in real-time.

Ryan Lochte beat teammate Michael Phelps outside of the pool also, being the most mentioned athlete on Twitter so far. There have been 190k tweets mentioning Lochte, with a huge spike occurring right after his gold medal on the first day of the games (and with the reveal of his American flag grill). He even started a trending hashtag, #LochteNation, with 28k mentions. Phelps is still in second with 82k mentions, and popular hoopster LeBron James is lagging behind with only 33k mentions.

Another trending hashtag is #NBCFail, with over 25k tweets since the Olympics began. Influencers like Mia Farrow, Peter Shankman and Tim O’Reilly have used the hashtag, which is rapidly gaining popularity as unhappiness about NBC’s US television coverage spreads. *These stats were last updated 7/31 on 9am PST

Who is your favorite Olympic Athlete to follow on Twitter?

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