Kred Honors Top Bloggers In Their Communities; See Our Top 50 Social Media Community Bloggers

Here at Kred, we love blogs and are always looking for the most influential ones.  This is why we are sifting through our extensive Datamine to find the top bloggers in each community.

To kick off this project, we sorted through the Social Media community to find the most influential people frequently blogging about their expertise.  The list includes everyone from owners of social media companies who blog on the side to people using social media on behalf of educational and charitable campaigns.  They all have Global Kred over 600 and are very generous with their Social Media advice. Look for the Top Social Media Blogger badge on your favorite blogs.

We’ve also showcased them on this Top Social Media Blogger Leaderboard.  The board updates in real-time so check back often to see how it changes.  And if you’re interested in Social Media, make sure to follow each of them all to stay ahead of the latest trends and thought leadership.

Is there someone you follow for the latest social media trends that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section.

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