CEO Andrew Grill Talks Influence & How It Can Identify Prospective Employees

Kred CEO Andrew Grill recently spoke with the team at Identified, the recruitment tool and professional search engine, about using influence to enrich the job search process. Andrew gave insights into how a candidate’s influence and social media presence translates into the real world, and how Kred may be used to source and identify additional candidates.

You can read the full interview on Identified’s blog, or check out the excerpt below:

J: If I’m a candidate, and I want to get a job in a certain field, how can I use this Kred to my advantage?

A: One of the things we want to help people do with Kred is connect with like-minded people, and often these connections are professional. You can visit to find influential people in the communities where you are looking for a job, then follow and interact with them. A high Outreach score indicates that a person has a history of interacting with others in their community, so you can think of it as an indicator that someone is open to chatting and likely to respond.

J: How can recruiters use this tool to find job candidates? Can it be used for sourcing candidates, screening applicants, etc?

A: We would never recommend that an employee be selected based on a single metric.  Even so there is certainly a lot of public information that will be interesting to recruiters at  Kred is completely transparent, so anyone can see exactly what composes a candidate’s influence score and if their influence is rooted in something that is relevant to the position. If a recruiter knows a candidate’s Twitter handle, they can view their Kredentials and their recent interactions. Kredentials includes their influence and outreach scores, commonly used words and hashtags, and communities where they are most influential.

Recruiters can also identify and contact the top influencers in the communities they are targeting, a good method for meeting people and finding passive candidates.

J: For which types of positions would this tool work best? Would you be limited just to searching through communities, such as Marketing, Finance, and Architects?

A: It can work with any position. If someone is influential about something online, it’s likely they have real world wisdom as well or others would not be following and interacting with them.  Recruiters may also wish to consider using our Playground social analytics platform so they can search by relevant keywords like “Software engineer,” and then sort by Kred.


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