Lucky Numbers: Top 7 Influencers Win On Social 7, On Channel 7

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The inaugural episode of KIRO7’s “Social 7” aired last night, featuring a Kred Events Leaderboard that tracked the most influential and outreaching people who were either on the show or viewing it. Over 2,000 people tweeted with the show’s hashtag as it aired, a big success for this locally produced show about trending topics, hot tech news and happenings in the Seattle area.

The show’s host, Jenni Hogan, is one of the country’s most influential local TV hosts according to Lost Remote with over 129K Facebook fans and 45K followers on Twitter.

“Social 7” is innovative because viewer participation drives the show; the name, content, and even time slot were selected by their social media audience. Throughout the hour, Jenni prompted Twitter chatter by asking questions like “Do you like when your friends use an app to track your location?” and “How old should kids be to use Facebook?” and asked people to answer using the hashtag #Social7.

A Kred Leaderboard, sponsored by Little Creek Casino, prominently displayed the top Tweeters interacting with the hashtag. The sponsor made the show into a social game by giving away prizes to the people with the top 7 outreach scores. Winners like @HughL, @Birdiee and @rorymartin received prizes including concert tickets, a round of golf, and spa packages.

Social media allows anyone to experience TV in a new way by actually connecting with the shows. The ability to see what your friends are saying in real time adds a whole new level to the interaction.

If you are in Seattle and want to tune in, there are three more shows planned for this summer. After that, it will be left up to the audience, so be sure to support “Social 7” with your tweets! You can check out the whole episode here. Fast forward to 7 or 44 minutes in to see the the Kred Leaderboard, and 53 minutes if you want to see the winners announced.

What other TV shows do you think should “go social”? Let us know in the comments section!

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