Kred Leader Joshua Estrin Turns To Fans To Drive Content, Celebrity Interactions

Joshua Estrin (@joshestrin) is a Kred Leader in the Celebrity News community and an influencer in both online and offline entertainment. He writes a celebrity news blog, PopMuncher, and is also a regular on CNN, CNBC, E!, and XM Radio. We recently had the chance to chat with him about his latest projects, and how social media and daily interaction with his fans inspires his celebrity interactions and interviews:

How do you use social media to illustrate your celebrity encounters?

Social Media is a powerful platform that transcends the boundaries of traditional media and allows for unprecedented real time access. It allows me to bring my “fans” and followers along so they can drive my celebrity interaction and tell me what they want to hear, instead of what I think they will be interested in.

What is your favorite part about using social media to interact with fans?

Social media allows me to engage with real people in real time and to gain greater insight into what makes each of us unique. I like that it helps connect us to one another and creates communities.

How do you use your influence to better your community?

I strongly believe that authenticity is key. I don’t pretend to be famous nor do I hide my shine. I hope that by listening to what my community finds compelling, I can engender change and connect with the causes that uplift and invigorate the human condition.

What is your role with Beverly Johnson’s new show on OWN?

Beverly Johnson (@beverlyjohnson1) has been an iconic role model ever since she shattered the glass ceiling in 1974 by becoming the first African American woman to grace the cover of Vogue. This spring, her constructive reality show ‘Beverly’s Full House’ debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and we worked to create an authentic voice across her social media continuum. The goal was to not just “collect” fans and followers, but to explore human behavior and human dynamics to allow her to genuinely engage with fans.

I traveled with her to red carpet events and premieres where we collaborated in real time to ask her fans what they wanted to see and hear about, not just tweeting self-indulgent photos and facts about all her famous friends. We wanted her followers to drive the content rather than imposing it on them.

What are some other exciting projects you have recently been a part of?

I have been lucky enough to gain access to all things trending including the Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The People’s Choice Awards,  Sundance Film Festival, a behind the scenes tour of the taping of Grimm and numerous movie premieres like The Avengers. Not to mention my favorite one-on-one interviews with the celebrities we all love to love!

What would you recommend to a celebrity that wants to start using social media?

1.) Don’t be elitist. Follow back a large portion of your followers.
2.) Don’t simply self promote.  Listen to your fans and ask questions.
3.) Don’t get hung up on the numbers game. I always say, “If you tweet them, they will come.”
4.) Feast regularly on a large slice of humble pie.
5.) Social media is no place for soapboxing or grandstanding.

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