Art Meets Social Media: GabyGaby creates paintings from the Kred Analytics of his Twitter followers

In a true mash-up of art, social media and data science, Kred Leader GabyGaby has turned his Twitter account into a series of paintings.  The Dutch multimedia artist is known for his unusual approaches to music, trends, iconography and nostalgia. He has shown in New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Vienna as well as creating site-specific works in Las Vegas and for the Tour de France.

Using the power of our 1,200 day social media archive, the Kred team started by extracting Twitter posts about @Gaby407, his followers and the most common words they use.  We then created a word cloud of his followers’ most used words, a list of the most mentioned colors in their posts, and the cities his followers most frequently tweet from.  Then we mailed this deep Kred Analytics Report over to Gaby’s studio in The Netherlands.

It turned out this was all the ‘Brainspiration‘ Gaby needed for the project, and last week he completed a series of three pieces based on the Kred Twitter data.

If you enjoy Gaby’s art, there is much more to explore at his web site and his accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook,  Flickr and YouTube.  Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments below.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Follow the blue Dutchman

Based on the words blue, Netherlands and followers.

“New York used to be called New Amsterdam, so over here we still see the city a bit as The Netherlands. The color of our country is orange, so the orange man represent the Netherlands. Their heads are made from Delfts blue plates.  You can see they are all followers because they follow the one guy that started this blue plate thing – the big man in the middle.”

Some pink New York loving

Based on the words pink, New York and love.

“New York is a place to love and pink happens to be a cool color.   I combined all 3 three in one.  A big New York heart…”

Following the Green USA

Based on the words follow, green and USA.

“Green stand for money, so the background of this piece is made from a dollar print.  The arrows around the US flag show us to follow the USA to the money.  The black arrow tells us that some people in Europe might not think we should just always follow the US – it might bring us down.  Following is good but sometimes one needs to lead the pack.”

Here is a video of Gaby at the Kred Leaders Summit discussing his process for creating these pieces:


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