Kred Leaders Share Ways to Amplify Social Media Influence On Summit Day 2

The spotlight was on the Kred Leaders and how they use social media for change at the second day of the Kred Leaders Summit. We gathered at Kred HQ to share social media success stories and discuss the best ways to leverage communities and personal networks to create positive change.

GabyGaby revealed three innovative paintings that he created from data extracted from Kred’s 1,200 day social media archive. Each piece was inspired from his followers’ most used words, favorite colors and most frequented cities. This sparked a conversation about how Leaders can use Kred’s data for their own projects. We’ll have a more detailed post on Gaby’s pieces soon, and here’s a sneak preview:

Ben Morrison gave a stand-up routine about the power we have when we make people laugh, and noted how some of the most successful campaigns have nothing to do with the actual product — they just make people laugh. The validity of this notion was proven as we all erupted into laughter at key moments. A video of his presentation is below. Caution, it contains adult content:


Angela Maiers spoke about her the powerful philosophy behind #YouMatter. She stressed how every individual must feel needed in order to drive change, and the power that a small connected network like the Kred Leaders has to make a big impact. She provided three steps: raise awareness of an issue, share it with others, and then take concrete action to create change. She proposed creating an official day of awareness for #YouMatter, and asked the other members to join in promoting this effort.

Since everyone deals with customers at some point in their business, Shep Hyken told us about his belief that “Customer service will save the world!” He gave advice on how social media and influence measurement can be used to deliver superior customer service.  Kred Leaders Advisor Porter Gale also shared her own experience building a fanbase of happy customers with social media at Virgin America.

We were captivated by Mark Horvath’s talk about cause marketing and the story behind his video blog He invited the other Leaders to join his mission to raise awareness about America’s homeless by raising awareness in local communities through social media. Shira Abel asked how this would actually drive change, and Mark responded that awareness is the first step to activating people. Here’s a trailer for his upcoming documentary, @home:


Everyone unanimously agreed that Kred’s future was very bright, and that they would like to have a larger role in promoting the exciting new features. Gabrielle Laine Peters, Jure KlepicSean Gardner and Peter Shankman each requested Kred Leaderboards technology to amplify their own outreach. Ekaterina Walter and John Nosta brought up the idea of joining together to develop white papers for helping people grow their social media influence to support their initiatives.

The summit concluded with a Tweet-up at the Rex Hotel, giving everyone a chance to chat with Leaders like Jessica Northey, Lori Moreno, Ann Tran, Reg Saddler and Lee Bogner. Though the event’s primary purpose was networking and general conversation, the influence and power of the people in the room demonstrated what could happen if this group got together to promote a specific cause.

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