Kred Events creates community in the workplace; Social@Ogilvy increases team social media participation by adding gamification to its New York and London offices

Social@Ogilvy helped us launch the Kred Events Leaderboard at Social Media Week 2012. Directly inspired by Ogilvy’s ideas and recommendations, we developed the Leaderboards to crystallize like-minded communities in real time, identify their most influential people, and create opportunities for everyone to participate.  Since then Kred Events Leaderboards have been used for real and virtual communities like  conferences, charity events, television audiences, and special events like the Oscars and Academy of Country Music Awards (which was inspired by Kred Leader @JessicaNorthey).

Social@Ogilvy is now taking this idea a step further by showing that Influence Leaderboards are for more than events.  The agency has redefined its workplace as a Community of Influencers and Outreachers by creating leaderboards for its London and New York offices.

There are several reasons Ogilvy wanted the leaderboards.  First, it’s an opportunity to wear their social credentials very publicly to show potential and current clients that they ‘get’ social.  More importantly, the leaderboards get the Social@Ogilvy team ‘eating its own dog food’ by incentivizing social media usage.  The goal is to increase the percentage of the team actively using Twitter from 5% to 25%.   Team members with the most improved Kred receive monthly prizes, and the year’s biggest score increase will earn a trip to SXSW 2013.

This is a great example of how Kred Events creates engagement by defining community and adding game play.  By incentivizing its entire team to participate, Ogilvy will benefit from greater internal interaction and increased engagement with the agency’s peers, colleagues and friends.

How could your workplace or group use a Kred Leaderboard?  Let us know in the comments

Click through to visit the New York Social@Ogilvy Kred Events Leaderboard


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