Facebook Influence Is Here

We’ve been in the cave for six months, working out how to bring Facebook into Kred scores.  We’re now ready and we are happy to share this with you.  When you connect your account, Facebook interactions will be counted into your Kred score and shown in your personal Activity Statement.

Head to Kred’s new Identity page and click the Complete Connection button.  Your personal Activity Statement will start showing the Post, Mentions, Likes, Comments and Shares that increase your Kred, and you’ll get more opportunities to grow your score.

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Kred is always open, transparent – and private

Our mission is to be the most open and relevant social influence metric, which is why we publish personal Activity Statements of the actions behind Influence and Outreach scores as well as a Scoring Guide explaining how points are assigned.

Actions that earn you Influence and Outreach Points on Facebook are always kept private on your personal Activity Statement.  We’ll never show them to anyone else and you can disconnect Facebook any time by returning to the Identity page.

Connecting Facebook increases your influence score

Once you register, you’ll receive Influence Points when people Post to or Mention you on your Facebook wall; Like, Share and Comment on your content; and when you get invited to events.  Outreach Points are given when you interact with friends on your own wall.  If you have friends who have also connected Facebook to Kred, you will both get more Influence and Outreach when you interact on each other’s walls.  We keep a full rundown of how we score Facebook actions on our Scoring Guide page.

Points for Facebook interactions are added to the points you already get for what you do on Twitter, so depending how much you use Facebook your Kred score will probably go up right away when you connect.

We are already thinking about the next networks and indicators of influence to be part of Kred.  When we do, they will always be shown on Activity Statements so that you can understand the sources of your score.

What do you think about Kred’s Facebook integration?  What networks should we add next?  Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Kred.

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