Action Analytics

This story inspired by Tim O’Reilly

Kred is Action Analytics.

Action Analytics are complex automatic actions we take throughout the day that don’t require conscious analysis.  When drivers change lanes on the highway, there are dozens of variables to consider.  They don’t bury their head in the manual to figure out what to do next.  They make a quick assessment of their surroundings, apply their accrued knowledge and years of practice  - and shift over without consciously analyzing what they need to do.

Kredentials are social analytics in action.  On the fly, Kredentials consolidate every post from the collective consciousness; index them with metadata like sentiment, gender, community, influence, outreach, and location; and place them all in single record.

This record can be accessed anytime to get past social niceties and moving on to shared interests.  If I like crispy bacon and two years ago you tweeted about your love for crispy bacon, Kredentials tells us.  Now we can be friends right away – moving past handshakes and straight on to discussing what we have in common.

Find anyone’s Kredentials by clicking on the large badge at the left of any Kred page.

Twitter founder Biz Stone has also talked about this by comparing Twitter as a flock of birds in flight, coordinating in flight around a single object.  

Flickr photo by Danielle Scott.

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