Jodee has fun at SXSW; Longest Beard in Texas, CEO drives Pedicabs, Tweets up 6 to 1 over 2011

Incredible Beards, PepsiCo, PediCabs,
The highlights of my time at SXSW this year:

No shaving for six years = Offline Kred

SXSW Interactive prepares me for my time as a starship commander.
I gave this Cool Dude 5,000 Offline Kred Influence Points in the Beauty Community for his 5 o’clock shadow.
Meet my new friend @atxfacialhair.

Me negotiating a Kred API deal with a very tall Man

Paul Krasinski (@paulARBdigital), Arbitron’s SVP, Digital Media & Analytics.

Pedicab driving

I love bicycles. My wife thinks I went to Austin for meetings. Actually I was a pedicab driver.

Even our competitors thought I was crazy…

Influence scores come together with mega-connector @CathyBrooks. That’s our @TravisWallis with @mayhemstudios.

Kred Leaders

Super-blogger @shiralazar with Big Travis.

We also got to catch up with @johnnosta and @markwschaefer.

The Kred Pepsico Leaderboard was HUGE

The top influencers were @JayZ – he had a tweet contest for admission to his SXSW showcase – and the keynote speakers like @algore, @dens, @ericries and @guykawasaki.  @TonyaHallRadio was the top Outreacher every day.

The SXSW Influence and Outreach Leaderboard is staying live through the Music portion of the conference.  Visit it here.

Big Kred and Little Kred

Pri and Travis with their Kred pyjamas on under their jackets. We are working on a range of fashion sleepwear – “Kred in Bed” – to release at next year’s SXSW.

SXSW Mentions up 600+% from last year

Mentions of SXSW interactive increased an average of 600+% this year!  Over half a million #SXSW tweets in four days shows that what’s happening on social media is what’s happening, period.

What would you die for…?

I tweeted the most about @TimOReilly’s presentation, it was the best of SXSW for me:

“What would you die for? What you are doing now is what you would die for. You could die at any moment.”


I left Austin thinking about how we will all change from Kred and the vast amounts of public social data that we are now collecting. When I walk into a room, I know a lot more about the new people around me.

Pondering this thought – Over the next few years we will spend less time on social protocol, working out who and how to engage, and will have more time to have open and frank conversations with those we relate to and trust.

Happy SXSW :-)

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