Jay-Z promotion, keynotes top Monday SXSW Influence Leaderboard; New set of Outreachers make waves

The Kred SXSW Influence and Outreach Leaderboard recorded all the interactions among more than 41,000 people using the hashtag #SXSW on Monday, March 12, the day of @JayZ‘s SXSWi show.  The highly anticipated concert, which launched American Express’s new Twitter-based Sync system for trading tweets for discounts, kept the US’s most popular rapper on top of the Kred-powered SXSW Leaderboard throughout the weekend.

Top Influencers are the people who were most mentioned, retweeted or replied to with the #SXSW hashtag.  Five of the top 14 influencers were keynote speakers, including @algore, @timoreilly, @jillabramson and @biz.

The day’s 29th highest Influencer, @m-shinoda of Linkin Park, also benefited from the Jay-Z effect as he tweeted to his followers from the Jay-Z show.

Top Outreachers are the people who most mentioned, replied to or retweeted others with the #SXSW hashtag.  They play an important role in the SXSW ecosystem by stirring up conversation and creating engagement.  @TonyaHallRadio again placed first on the Outreach board, followed by the-important SXSW party account, @sxswp.  Other people in the Top Ten Outreachers included @jmacofearth, @jrh_creative and @katmandelstein.

Here are the Top 10 Influencers and Outreachers for March 12.  The rest of the Top 50 can be seen after the jump.

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