Show Your Love With +Kred (and Klout, too)

Want to share the love?  Show appreciation for the friends, peers, colleagues and experts that make your life better?

For Valentine’s Day, Double The +Kred Love With Klout

To introduce +Kred, we are celebrating with a Valentine’s Day ‘Double The Love’ promotion.

Through February 29, any tweeted +K’s from Klout earns 2 +Kred awards.  We’re proud to to help you give some extra recognition to the people who inspire you most.

Participating in ‘Double The Love’ is easy. Kred will detect +K tweets and add double +Kred Influence and Outreach Points to both the influencer and their supporter for the rest of February.

As a little bonus, we have also awarded Influence and Outreach Points worth 1 +Kred to everyone for all tweeted Klout +K’s given between February 1 and 12.

+Kred lets you award Kred Influence Points to the people that make a difference to you on social media and in real life.  Like our Offline Kred, it gives everyone a direct opportunity to give special recognition to those who are most important to them.  See how to give +Kred to your influential people in the ‘Giving +Kred’ section below.

You can always give +Kred from anyone’s personal Kred page by going to  

How +Kred Works

Kred is a completely transparent influence scoring system.  Our Scoring Guide provides a complete rundown of the rules we use to calculate Influence and Outreach scores.

You can see anyone’s +Kred award on their page at or see their points in their real time Activity Statement.  Here are the values we assign for each +Kred:

  • The person receiving +Kred gets 70 Kred Influence Points in the Top Community of your choice.
  • When you give +Kred, you get a little something for your generosity, too.  Anyone giving +Kred is awarded 30 Kred Outreach points.

These values are doubled during our special Valentine’s Day promotion to 140 Influence Points and 60 Outreach Points.  Nice!

Giving +Kred

We have several ways you can give +Kred from anyone’s page at  First, you can rotate their Kred badge to the third position and click the button:

+Kred can also be added from a selection of each person’s Top Communities found just below the Influence and Outreach meters:

Select a person’s Top Communities from the blue triangle at the top of their Kred Badge and click the +Kred button:

… or click ‘Show more >>’ to unveil other Communities where they have high Influence:

Drop by today to start giving.  And Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends at Kred.

About Andrew Grill

CEO of Kred @andrewgrill

6 Responses to Show Your Love With +Kred (and Klout, too)

  1. hospitalityfan February 21, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    You folks are geniuses and really set the bar for customer service…in the last two days I sent two inquiries and could not get over that I got a personable reply within minutes! It is truly amazing to me considering the amount of data you consolidate! Big Fan here!

  2. priscillascala February 21, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    @hospitalityfan Jim, thanks so much for this note.

    Makes us super happy. Love our community and we are delighted that you are reaching out to us. This is gold :) BTW – Just gave you some +kred in Social Media for your interest in social influence and for your generous outreach :)

    • hospitalityfan February 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

      @priscillascala Feeling it! Thanks for +Kred in Social Media Priscilla! It was such a thrill to me to be able to ask a question of the head hochos @kred on a conference call before the invites were confirmed. There were so many big s.m. players on the conference call and @kred listened and answered my question so sincerely. You folks are awesome!

  3. rsr1424 February 29, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    really don’t understand what this is about

    • Shawn.Roberts March 1, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

       @rsr1424 Hi, RSR.  Kred is an influence measure.  We’re giving +Kred points to people that have received +K from Klout.  You must have been one of those lucky folks!  
      Cheers, Shawn @ Kred 


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