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Welcome to the first in our series of posts on Kred Influencers.  These posts will spotlight people with high influence in their communities.  Often these people have high Kred Influence and a relatively small base of followers.  Their high involvement with social media has made them key players in their communities and small networks.  

R “Ray” Wang describes himself as a Provocateur, Enterprise and Disruptive Technologist.  When he is not DJing at a Bay Area nightclub, Ray has his hands full with his role of Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research, Inc. He is also the author of the popular enterprise software blog A Software Insider’s Point of View.


What does being influential online mean to you?

Online influence is both a privilege and responsibility.  It means that you have a responsibility to get your facts straight and that what you say impacts and influences others.

How do you use your influence to better your community and strengthen your business?

I use influence to share information and knowledge, help connect others, and provide public service announcements as needed.

How does generosity enhance your online relationships?

Generosity is key to building online relationships.  However, trust is the new social currency.  Generosity builds trust but actions speak louder than words.  Online actions can be tracked and provide a background for trust.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become more influential?

Start by adopting the tools. Watch others. Listen. Engage.

What are your most successful tweets?

In general the most successful tweets engage others, especially those who’ve been following but have not had an opportunity to reply.  An offer for help, a response to help, an interesting observation, all these start the beginning of a good conversation. You don’t have to be controversial but humor always helps. Engaging and including is a must!

How do you integrate your real life experiences with your online identity?

I share relevant moments through pictures, points of view, and multiple channels.  Mixing up online presence with in real life experiences help create depth.

I’ve had some great customer service responses while on the road. These brands get it and have earned my loyalty: @virginamerica, @hotelPRguy, @marriottintl, @jetblue, @iflyswa, and  @spginsider.   The ones such as @united who just ignore you will probably lose my business.  Engagement is key.  Out of respect, it’s key to keep balance.  When I have a problem, I just DM now and do not abuse the service.  I also don’t expect immediate response for a lower priority issue b/c I know how hard it is.  Brands need more customers that understand this balance.

Thank you, Ray, for being the subject of our first Kred Influencers post.  To learn more about Ray and his work, check out his blog A Software Insider’s Point of View or follow him at @rwang0.

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