What is Offline Kred?

A person’s online reputation is often a reflection of their real-life status as an expert, celebrity or leading thinker.  Many people we follow are personally known to us or we learned about offline.  Drawing a truly complete picture of a person’s influence should have the ability to include real world accomplishments and activities.

This is why we’ve made integrating offline achievements with online identity a key part of Kred.  With our Offline Kred feature, you can add anything to your Kred that you are proud of or gives you authority on a topic – from a college degree to charitable works to frequent flyer status. (After all, who is more authoritative on Travel than someone who has flown 1,000,000 miles!)

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To add yours, start at the ‘Get More Kred’ menu tab in Kred.ly and then click on the Offline tab.   At the bottom of the page, an interface opens for uploading a certificate or other PDF document that shows your achievement.  Name your accomplishment and add the number of points you think it is worth.  (If you need a hint, we have a summary of our Offline Kred scoring on our Rules page or you can make an estimate based on other people’s Offline Kred visiblle in their Activity Statements.)

Offline Kred menu tab

Once our team processes your request, a new transaction showing your Offline Kred will appear at the top of your Activity Statement.

Offline Kred in an Activity Statement

Our points system is in the chart below. As examples, some of the first people we have given scores include:

  • @OrchMail – Built the first Cloud Computing Company (Avasta) – 40,000 points
  • @jaykrall – Business Development Director, Cision – 20,000 points
  • @tsipple – MBA George Mason University, School of Management – 10,000 points
  • @dblacombe – BA, Psychology – 2,000 points
  • @lynseybarber – Editorial Assistant at Haymarket Publishing – 1,000 points

If you wish, we can keep the certificate you send us Private.  When you do this the Offline Kred line-item will be visible in your Activity Statement with the number of points assigned, and nobody can access the certificate you provided to support your accomplishment.

What do you think about Offline Kred and our scoring system?  Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @kred.

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