Kred Is Now Open To Everyone

Kred is here and ready to go!  Last week Kred opened the doors to anyone who wants to learn about their Influence and Outreach within Communities formed around interests and affiliations.

The Kred ship launches!

Have you already had a play with Kred? Many of Kred’s distinctive features started out as suggestions from our friends and colleagues, and we are always open to hearing your new ideas. Just tweet us at @kred or mail

Here are answers to some of the questions we get most frequently:

What’s with the dual score?
The larger number is Influence, scored on a 1-1000 scale. It’s the measure of the likelihood that your posts provoke actions from others. Outreach is a measure of your generosity shown by the frequency of your retweets and replies to others.

Is my score completely Transparent?
You can always see how your social actions count towards your score – and your friends’, too. Just click on the Activity Statement menu item.

How do you determine what Community I’m in?
We automatically place you in Communities based on the words in your Bio and the last 1,000 days of Twitter posts as well as the Communities of the people you talk to most.

What about my Privacy?
Visit your Privacy Settings any time to anonymize your actions. Learn more on our Privacy Page.

There is much more, so please have a walk through the site or download our Kred Guide.

We hope our new take on social influence is interesting, useful and fun. Tips & tricks for getting the most out of Kred will be a frequent focus of this blog. Don’t forget to stop by from time to time or subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you would like to learn about how our scores are calculated, we have a page describing our ‘Kred Rules’ that explains everything in detail. More questions? Tweet us up at @kred and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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