How We Calculate Kred Outreach

Our intent is to enrich the social media experience by enabling discovery of the people most likely to engage on a subject.  Kred’s Outreach Level identifies people with a history of generously replying to lots of people and content.

Outreach Points

Kred is founded on the same building blocks that create strong interpersonal relationships: Trust and Generosity. In the Kred score, Influence represents Trust, or the ability for someone to create action with their content. Kred Outreach is the other half of the equation; it measures a person’s generosity in their online relationships.

Outreach Points are earned anytime you perform a generous act for someone else. Points are awarded for each of the basic actions that indicate generosity: replying, mentioning, retweeting or following a person. This can be seen in the chart below:

Kred Outreach Points Table

Converting Outreach Points To Kred Outreach

Outreach Points are accumulated to increase Outreach Levels. Each successive Outreach Level is progressively more difficult to achieve. When you have 100 Outreach Points, you reach Level 1; Level 2 requires 270 Points (170 incremental Points after achieving Level 1); and so on.

As it is for Kred Influence, we calculate unique Outreach Levels for every person in each of their communities. This means that someone who has an Outreach Level of 6 in the Global Community could be Level 2 in Social Media, or vice versa.

A person’s Outreach Level never goes down. We believe that generosity is infinite and so we plan to keep adding Outreach Levels as long as there is Kred!

On November 11, 2011 we looked at the data to find the minimum number of Outreach Points to achieve an Outreach Level across all of Twitter.  This will scale differently within each community and we will update this chart on a monthly basis.

Kred Outreach Conversion Table

We hope our emphasis on transparency is helping you have a richer understanding of Kred and its uses. We would love to hear what you think about Kred and our approach to scoring. Add your voice to the comments below or tweet us at @kred.

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